Custom app development services doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Custom app development services doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Let’s create a custom mobile app together!

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Quickly make a custom mobile app for iOS and Android!

Benefits of custom mobile app development

get premium features


With a great user interface and fast loading time, your app will have beautiful and sought-after features compatible with both mobile platforms. Our features adapt to your users’ needs.

Reduce your wait


Working on our ready-made software makes your custom app development process up to 5x faster. All we need is to gather your mobile app requirements to make your dream app come true.

Affordable prices


To save you both time and money, we eliminated monthly fees for servers, CMS systems, push notifications, and iOS & Android updates.

Cross-platform benefits

Cross-platform benefits

Whether you need a native custom app for iOS or Android, or custom e-commerce app development, Shoutem’s mobile app development platform can help you meet your requirements.

Our Mobile App Development process decreases app-creation time considerably while significantly reducing risk .

Let’s create you a custom mobile app!

We specialize in custom mobile application development that meet your needs.

cross platform

Mobile App Development

We’ll be with you the entire journey, from turning your idea into an app to getting it into the app stores.

team mobile

Team of Experts

Get access to a professional design & development team, and quality assurance — all at one price.

app maker

Full Infrastructure

With Shoutem, you get technical, app store publishing, and full infrastructure support.

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There’s no custom app idea we can’t build

Tell us about your ideal mobile app, and we’ll develop it for you — making apps is what we do.

Counseling apps

Counseling apps

Dental apps

Dental apps

Yoga apps

Yoga apps

Health apps

Health apps

Gym apps

Gym apps

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Premium custom app development service for a sensible price

Premium custom app development service for a sensible price

Superior design and performance

We built our app development platform on top of React Native, which natively supports iOS and Android

Cost-effective application development

You can incorporate any of our existing functionalities, called extensions, for free. You only pay development fees for additional features, which can save you time and money

Build an app with effortless maintenance

Shoutem eliminates high monthly server fees, and we incorporate CMS, dashboards, push notifications, analytics, and iOS & Android updates

Custom apps made by Shoutem

We are proud to have helped these amazing ideas come to life with our custom app development service

Brides Wedding Genius

The go-to app for brides-to-be. Brides Wedding Genius helps brides find designer wedding dresses, rings, venues, and other special offers
  • Fully custom UX and UI design
  • Custom development for certain features
  • App uses Shoutem’s existing CMS for content management
wedding mobile app


Exclusive access to the finest medical care from board-certified physicians at any time
  • Fully custom UX and UI design adhering to brand guidelines
  • The entire app was a custom development
  • Connection to 3rd party services
vedius app


App development process

We work with you from app definition through design and development until delivery, release, and your app’s success

Define the right feature set

Discussing your app idea with you in full detail helps us start the project right. Tell us about the problems you want to solve, the features you require, and your timeline

Depending on your resources and budget, we can easily tweak your app requirements to better suit you and your project

Iterative, user-oriented design

We’ll start off with black and white wireframes, which will make further iterations less expensive. Based on your input, we’ll design until we deliver a functional and stunning user interface

Smart development and testing

Take full advantage of Shoutem’s platform by using (and customizing) our ready-made features or by focusing development on your app’s unique features

Release and maintenance

We deliver high-quality Android and iOS apps. You won’t have to worry about maintenance either, since everything is included in your Shoutem subscription

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is custom mobile app development?

    Custom application development is designing software applications for a specific user or group of users within an organization. Custom software is designed to address specific needs within an organization instead of more traditional, standard software with a broader user base.

  • How much does it cost to build a custom app?

    This depends on the complexity of the mobile app. If you need a simple app (like a gallery app, or loyalty app for your business), you can easily build one by yourself. But, if you want a mobile application that requires complex functionalities like payments, contact us with your requirements, and we will set a win-win deal.

  • How much time does it take to create a custom app?

    Again, this depends on the app’s functionality. Because we use our own software and have already made features and integrations, your app can be on your phone in just a 2-3 weeks!

  • Can I design my own app?

    Yes! Designing an app was never this easy since you can use a mobile app builder to create one. Follow these steps to create an Android app (the steps are the same for iOS) and make an app on your own!
  • What should I do before starting with app development?

    Contact us! After generating an idea of what kind of mobile app you want, you should do competitive market research to learn how complex an app you need (or at least what your competitor has that you like or dislike).

  • What is the best no code app builder?

    There are many app builders out there, but we’d recommend a company that uses the product itself, has technical support to ensure quality assurance, and has an app publishing process. Read more on what makes Shoutem the best app builder.