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No-Code Social Media App Development with Unlimited Potential

Building mobile apps has never been this easy! Shoutem’s no-code app builder lets you build a user-friendly and fun social media app that users will love!

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Build Your Own Social Media App in 4 Steps:

Our simple 4-step process has made Shoutem a leading no-code mobile app development platform. We provide more options, templates, and app-designing elements than most other mobile app makers. So, let’s get started!

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Step 1: Select the Social Media App Template

Shoutem’s social media app template is ideal for customizing and building your own social media app. It is professionally designed with a user-friendly interface and all of the most popular social media app features already built in. If you’re feeling inspired, though, you can always create your own design from scratch as well!

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Step 2: App Design & Customization

Remember, you don’t need to know how to code to customize your Shoutem mobile app. Just modify the design of your app by selecting from a variety of fonts, colors, navigation tools, images, and other great features within the app. Just keep your brand and target audience in mind as you make your app layout and design selections to ensure the features you pick are geared toward users’ preferences.

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Step 3: Launch and Beta-Test Your App

After you’ve customized your template and imported your app content, you’re almost done! At this point, your app has essentially reached the MVP (minimum viable product) stage. This is a great time to do some quality assurance testing to verify app functionality, basic features, and real-time operations. The good news is, with Shoutem, beta-testing is a breeze. Our built-in app preview tools allows you to preview and test your app design as you go!

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Step 4: Go Live with Confidence

When you’re happy with the way your app looks and functions, it’s time to go live! And again, the Shoutem team is here to help. We’ll review your app one final time, making sure all required metadata is ready for the app store, then submit your app to the iOS (Apple App Store) and/or Android (Google Play Store) app stores for free.

Must-Have Features for All Types of Social Media Apps

There are tons of highly popular social media apps out there, like TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumblr and WhatsApp, and your brand-new app will have to work hard to compete. To help gain that competitive edge, Shoutem provides several types of content and essential features that you can add to your app with the click of a button.
  • User Profile Pages

    Allow individuals to share details about themselves, post pictures, list their favorites, and provide interesting details to others who might want to get in touch to discuss their shared interests.
  • Live Streaming

    Users and influencers alike will love using your live-steaming app feature to showcase themselves attending events, providing tutorials, traveling through exciting destinations, or just enjoying a night out.
  • Photo & Video Albums

    Provide a dedicated space for users to upload their photo and video content, where they can go to relive good times they’ve had in the past, and from which they can share specific files or entire albums.
  • Search Bar

    Include a search bar that’s easy to find and use within your app, allowing users to quickly sort through news feed content, published posts, album names, and more.
  • Monetization Strategies

    Follow in the footsteps of other leading social media apps by enabling in-app purchases, subscriptions, and gating certain app features or content to paid subscribers only.
  • News Feed

    The news feed feature is a primary element of most social media apps, allowing content sharing and containing everything that users—and their selected friends—post, such as discussion forum posts and blogs, comments, pictures, and videos.
  • Chat & Messaging

    While you can publish a social app that doesn’t allow for chatting, we wouldn’t recommend it. The whole point of a social media platform is to be social with others — so be sure to include Shoutem’s chat and messaging features in your app!
  • Push Notifications

    Promote user engagement by alerting users when others are trying to connect with them, when updates are made to events that users have shown interest in, and more.
  • App Usage & Loyalty

    Encourage daily app usage and engagement by tracking and rewarding frequent social media users! Offering badges, rewards, and incentives is one of the best methods for optimal retention of active users.

Why Choose Shoutem for Social Media App Development

So what are the advantages of opting to create an app without coding with Shoutem? Here are four of the most important.
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  • No Coding Knowledge Needed
    No technical training? No backend HTML or fancy algorithm expertise? No problem! With the tech stack and frameworks provided by Shoutem, you can create a functional app in as little as one day with zero prior app-building experience.
  • Trusted by Thousands
    Our app-building platform is fast, flexible, and highly reviewed by Shoutem users, who love the immediate startup time and bug-free user experience. Our no-code solution is so easy to use, you can have a social media app published by next week if you start now!
  • Easy Onboarding Process
    With several video tutorials available and a huge knowledge base on hand offering step-by-step mobile app development guidance, you’ll have no trouble creating a social networking app that works.
  • Expert Guidance When You Need It
    As with any new tool, you’ll surely have a question or two as you start learning the platform. We’re happy to help get those questions answered! The Shoutem Support Team is always available to help guide you through your app-building journey.

Social Media App Creation FAQ

  • Can I create a social media application for free?

    Shoutem is free to try for 14 days. After the 14 days have expired, you only need to pay a low monthly fee to continue using Shoutem. This monthly cost also covers publishing your social networking app to the Android or Apple app stores.

  • How hard is it to build a social media app?

    We have thousands of happy, satisfied customers with no coding knowledge whatsoever who have built stunning apps with our no-code software and other advanced features. With Shoutem, you don’t need to pay an entire app development company or an expensive development team, Such developers are highly experienced and able to work within technology stacks involving programming languages, databases, APIs, and more—and that experience and education is what you pay for.

    Shoutem’s pre-built, user-friendly templates provide a no-fail solution for literally anyone to build an app — without needing to understand the details of the platform’s tech stack.

  • What is the first step to making a social media app?

    If you already have an idea for a social media app—great! If not, then take some time to brainstorm different ideas. You can start getting inspired by opening the Shoutem Social Media App template and navigating through pre-populated screens offering ideas that your own app could include.

    When brainstorming for your social media app, think about your user base (target audience), do light research about social networking app development, and market research statistics regarding user preferences.

    Wireframing a social media or other mobile app is an important part of brainstorming as well. Wireframing simply means developing a minimum viable product and beta-testing your app for feedback. The wireframe of your app begins with brainstorming ideas and eventually reducing several ideas to one great idea for a social media network app.

  • How long does social media app development take?

    With Shoutem’s pre-built templates and no-code builder software, a dedicated user can create a media sharing network/social network app in one to two hours. Once users realize how easy the platform is to use, they often take their time diving into each customization option to personalize every aspect of their apps.

    However, if you ever experience any trouble when building out your social media app, just reach out to our Customer Support team. They can help with any part of the development process, from initial project management and timeline goal-setting to configuring the individual settings of each feature within your app. Just ask, and we’ll assist you ASAP!

Start Building Your Social Media App with Shoutem Today!

Your pathway to a successful social media app begins here. Join us and start building today!


Determine Your Target Audience

Are you a CVB, looking to showcase your region to new travelers? Or a travel agency looking to promote destinations around the world?


Do Some Competitor & Market Research

Find out what other organizations like yours are doing. Download their apps and check out what they provide … then think about what you could do better.


Open Shoutem’s Travel App Template

Create a foundation for your travel app in minutes, complete with the most popular travel app features already built in, with our pre-built travel app template.


Add and Customize App Content

Upload images, content, events, bios, and more. Plug in RSS feeds to instantly integrate news images, videos, and podcasts. Set your preferences for how menus should look.


Publish and Promote Your App

Preview and approve your app directly within the Builder platform and click ‘Publish.’ Our expert team will jump in to handle the publishing process for you!

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