Build a Mobile Education App. No Coding Necessary.

Create an educational or school app for Android and iOS using Shoutem’s no-code app builder.

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Design and publish a mobile app that works for both Android and iOS.

No code platform for your education and universities apps

With Shoutem mobile app software, zero coding skills are required.

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Choose from existing templates and features to kick-start your app development.

Pick Which Pre-built Education App Features You Want and Hit Publish

Enable your users to access educational content, register for courses, and find school buildings on a physical campus.

Features Inside Your School or University App

Build an Education App in Just 3 Steps

Shoutem’s pre-built app templates make it easy to build a mobile app in minutes.

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1. Choose a Template

Start building your app by choosing a pre-built template from Shoutem’s template library

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2. Set Your Features

Select the features that best suit your needs


3. Publish Your App

Hit the publish button and upload your app to the App Store or Google Play

mobile app builder JENNY Skol app
mobile app builder JENNY Skol app
Shoutem Customer Story: Jenny Skol

Using Shoutem, Jenny Skol was able to build a mobile app for their local high school.

  • Used by more than 100 active students
  • Contains information for students and parents about the school’s current programs and courses
  • Provides students with detailed class schedules, calendars, and events

Create an Education App for Your School, University, or Online Course

Create your own mobile app and keep students, faculty, and staff connected in one place. Shoutem’s no-code app builder allows you to quickly build a custom education app in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

Shoutem’s pre-built templates give you total control of the development process so you can build custom mobile apps for K-12 schools, universities, or an online course. All you have to do is select the School & University app template, choose the features you want, and hit publish.

How To Create a School & Universities App In 3 Steps

Select the School & Universities App Template

To start, sign up for a 14-day free trial and select the school & universities app template. Then, use Shoutem’s drag-and-drop app builder to add the features and modules you want to add to your mobile app.

Add Custom Designs to Your School & University Mobile App

Add a little school spirit to your mobile app by adding custom designs, logos, colors, and fonts. Simply go to the design section with the Shoutem app builder and select the designs you’d like to add to your mobile app.

Publish Your School & Universities Mobile App

Once you’ve finished building your mobile app, all you have to do is click the Publish button, and the Shoutem team will help you get your app published in no time. We’ll even check the app for any possible bugs and make sure it reaches the App and Google Play stores safely.

Educational App Features Available with Shoutem

Schedule School Events

Shoutem’s Booking feature allows users to schedule school events such as parent-teacher conferences, school field trips, and extracurricular activities. Digital learners can also use the Bookings feature to set up virtual study halls and meet with teachers and students.

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Conduct Online Tests & Quizzes

Shoutem’s Custom Quiz feature allows users to schedule, conduct, and take online tests & quizzes. You can also use Shoutem to schedule assignments in advance, collect grades, and set deadlines for test completion.

Stay Up-to-date on School News & Activities

Shoutem’s Push Notifications feature makes it easy to keep students, parents, and staff up-to-date on upcoming school news and activities. You can also set up Push Notifications to alert users when assignments are sent out and completed.

Access Contact Information for Students, Parents, and Teachers

Using Shoutem, you can input the contact information of students, parents, and teachers in your school, university, or online course. The Contact Form feature makes it easy to create an online directory of contact information to keep your users’ connected.

Communicate with Other Users Through In-app Messaging

Shoutem’s Messaging feature allows users to securely contact one another through an in-app messenger. This enables your users to ask questions related to class assignments, set up virtual study halls, or stay connected with school faculty and staff.

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Upload Digital Educational Resources

Shoutem’s PDF feature allows users to upload digital textbooks, study guides, and learning resources to support their online curriculum. Digital course creators can also use this feature to keep their online courses updated with the latest educational resources.

6 Benefits of a Schools & Universities Mobile App

1. Manage School Attendance, Homework & Assignments

Using Shoutem’s drag-and-drop interface, and pre-built components can add app features to help teachers take attendance, assign homework, and manage student grades. Not only does this make it easier for teachers to manage their workload, but it allows them to get their work donw in one central platform—your mobile app.

2. Streamline Online Fee Collection

Many public schools still rely on cutting paper checks and physical money transfers to manage their bookeeping.  With Shoutem, you can give your school teachers and faculty access to an online bookkeeping service within your mobile app.

3. Improve Teacher-Parent Communication

Shoutem’s no-code app builder allows users to build an in-app messenger to streamline communication between school faculty, teachers, and parents. SImply choose the messenger feature within the Shoutem platform and give your users access to the messenger based on their user account—teacher or parent.

7 Benefits of Schools & Universities App Maker

4. Enable Digital Learning

With the rise of remote learning, many colleges and universities are either planning to or already offering online programs. With Shoutem, you can upload your curriculum and allow your users to complete their coursework through your mobile app.

‍5. Organize Your School Calendar

Publishing a digital calendar for your school allows you to keep parents, faculty, and staff in the loop on upcoming school activities. With Shoutem, you can easily add a digital calendar to your application and help your users stay up to date with upcoming school events in one place.

6. Keep Users Up-to-date with Push Notifications

By adding push notifications to your app with Shoutem, you can instantly notify students, faculty, and staff about important upcoming events or school emergencies. Simply add the push notifications feature to your app within Shoutem and hit publish.

School & University App Builder FAQ

  • How do you create an app for a school?

    Using a no-code app builder like Shoutem, you can easily create a custom app for your school without coding. Simply drag-and-drop components like calendars, news feeds, and directories to build any features you need for students, teachers, and parents. Customize the design with your school colors and branding in the builder.

  • How can I make an education app for free?

    Many no-code app builders like Shoutem offer free plans to build basic education apps. You can create an app with core features like schedules, assignments, attendance, and notifications without paying. However, you may be limited in the number of app users on a free education app. Paid plans provide more advanced features and higher user limits.

  • How much does it cost to make an app for school?

    The cost to make a custom school app depends on the features, number of users, and platform (iOS, Android, web). Basic apps may cost only a few hundred dollars per month, while more complex school apps with hundreds of users can cost $1,000-$5,000+ per month. However, many no-code platforms offer affordable plans scaled to your school’s size and needs.