The Best White Label App Builder for Mobile App Reseller Businesses

Shoutem’s white label app reseller program is everything you need to build mobile apps that deliver on your clients’ vision … and it’s all managed with ease by you and your team.

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White Label App Builder for Your Business!

Create High-Quality Apps at a Low Cost

Our app development platform makes it easier than ever for your team to create and resell apps to other businesses — and to be incredibly profitable in doing so.
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  • Build Top-Tier Apps that Generate Revenue
    Shoutem’s high-quality app templates are ready to be published out of the box, and are stylish and user-friendly enough to command a high price point.
  • Justify Your Pricing by Meeting Every Client Need
    From push notifications and chat integrations to event RSVPs and eCommerce product sales, you can create just about anything your client is looking for.
  • 2.5x More Cost-Effective Than Standard Dev
    Building an app from scratch takes time and money. However, with Shoutem, your team can move quickly to build, publish, and manage your clients’ apps in the most cost-effective way possible (meaning higher profits for you)!

User Friendly, No-Code App Builder

Our no-code app builder platform is proof that app creation doesn’t have to be difficult for Android and iOS devices.
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  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality
    Select your client’s theming preferences, make changes to app design, add required features, and insert their own brand details, all with no coding skills or experience necessary.
  • Real-Time Mobile App Preview
    Make changes to your client’s app, then view those changes in real time using Shoutem’s companion app, Disclose. It’s the easiest way to test layout and design choices as you go.
  • Free 24/7 Customer Support
    Get stuck? No problem! Our knowledge base offers tons of walkthroughs and tutorial videos to help every step of the way. If needed, our customer support teams can help, too — free of charge.

Drastically Reduced App Development Time

Mobile app development has never been faster! Shoutem’s white label app builder solution saves time without compromising results.
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  • Prebuilt Themes & Templates
    We’ve reviewed the most popular apps across several industries — news, eCommerce, events, tourism and more — and have provided templates and themes to get you up and running, fast, on your client’s custom app.
  • 40+ Popular App Features
    Select from a wide variety of app features and functionalities, and leverage our drag and drop interface to add them to your client’s app and move them into place. No need for time- and labor-intensive custom development.
  • Publishing Service Included
    Once your client’s app is built and approved, our development team takes over. We’ll handle publishing the app to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store (or both), so your team has time to focus on other projects as needed.

No Usage Limits

At Shoutem, we don’t restrict your usage. This means your mobile app business has full access to build as many apps, using as many features, as your clients require.
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  • Create Unlimited Apps
    There’s simply no limit. Build, publish, and manage one app or 1,000. Either way, you’ll be able to see them all from one user-friendly management and analytics dashboard.
  • 100% Access to All Features
    We don’t hide certain app features behind higher tiered pricing or “max number reached” notifications. Find the app features your clients require in each app, and add them. It’s as easy as that.
  • Powered by React Native
    Using a truly open-source framework powered by React Native, more experienced developers are able to add, remove, or revise their clients’ apps in even further ways.

10,000+ Published Apps and Counting

  • 10,000+ Apps in stores
  • 100M+ Users
  • 10+ Years of experience
White Label App Builder
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Get Started Creating White Label Mobile Apps

Try the platform out on your own or request a team onboarding demo with your dedicated Shoutem representative.

  • White-labeled solutions
  • 24/7 email support
  • Volume discounts

White Label App Builder FAQs

  • What is a mobile app reseller?

    A mobile app reseller is a person or company that uses another company’s technology to produce and sell mobile apps to their customers under new branding.

  • What is a white label mobile app reseller program?

    A white label mobile app reseller program offers and resells products or services created by another company. “White label” refers to purchased or rebranded products or services purchased by resellers.

  • What is a white label mobile app builder?

    A white label mobile app reseller program offers and resells products or services created by another company. “White label” refers to purchased or rebranded products or services purchased by resellers.

  • What is a white label mobile app builder?

    A white label mobile app builder is an application unconnected to the app developer or person/company that made the app. A white label mobile app can also be when a reseller offers a mobile app from another developer, but changes and customizes the branding.

  • How do I operate as a mobile app reseller?

    After you become a mobile app reseller, you can create state-of-the-art white label mobile apps for your clients. You can bill accordingly for app development, features, complexity, etc. You can also resell app-building services to your customers and let them manage their mobile apps under their account via your Reseller website.

  • Do I need an Apple or Google Play developer account as a white label app reseller?

    Yes. You must have your own Google Play developer account ($25 one-time payment), and we take care of publishing apps on Google Play Store. With Apple, the situation is different: Your clients must have an iOS developer account ($99/year) because Apple requires different accounts for each developer

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