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Use Shoutem’s white label program and resell mobile apps from your brand to your clients.
It’s never been easier to boost your business with Shoutem’s agency program.

Set your own price

Resell apps at the price you want with no restrictions from us with our white label solution. Use AdMob to help your customers monetize their apps.

White label apps

Use your branding and domain to customize your white label CRM the way you want. Set your logo on Shoutem’s reseller program and build your business.

Deliver high-quality apps to your clients

Start an app business by improving existing features or developing new ones to personalize your brand and apps.

Reseller benefits

Choose the best white label business opportunities and start an app business with Shoutem’s mobile app reseller program
  • White label onboarding and technical training

    Choose between onboarding and technical training sessions to help you and your team become more productive quickly

  • Custom app development prioritization

    If you need custom development, we can help you so you don’t miss out on great opportunities with our reseller program

  • White label solution

    Use Shoutem’s white label CRM and add custom domain and branding to our dashboard

  • Dedicated business consultant

    When starting your white label reseller business, you can count on one of our experts to help you get the most out of our platform and services

  • 24/7 email support

    Resellers who start an app business get a dedicated 5-star support team with an option to tailor your business to your specific needs

  • Multiple apps, bigger discounts

    With Shoutem’s reseller program, the more apps you create, the more you’ll save on reselling mobile apps.

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Who can be a Reseller?

Over the last eight years, we’ve specialized in helping out a diverse range of individuals and app businesses

app resell

App creation companies

Reselling high-quality apps has never been easier than with Shoutem’s app reselling program

web agencies

Web agencies

Join our reseller program and build white labeled apps in React Native for your clients

cross platform

App development teams

Take advantage of our white label reseller business and lower maintenance costs

react native


Earn money by developing apps and Shoutem extensions

Get white label business opportunities as a reseller

Our Mobile App Reseller Program is an excellent solution if you want to offer native Android & iOS apps to your clients or if you want to create multiple apps for yourself.
There’s no need to hire a team of developers anymore.

create an app with online builder

How to start a reseller business?

With Shoutem for Resellers, agencies can start an app business through branded domains, while giving their clients complete white-labeled access for app management. This kind of creative freedom will generate new and exciting white label business opportunities for your company in the mobile market.

Reseller program with Shoutem — a no-coding app maker platform — is a simple way for app creation companies to improve their overall market image. This means that you would have a white label mobile app building platform that you can sell apps from without having to code.

mobile app builder

Steps to start an app business

Book a demo

First, book a call with one of our sales experts so we can see what reseller option would best suit your needs

Take the opportunity to test our builder and its functionality

If you’ve never had the chance to see the Shoutem mobile app builder in action, take a moment to explore all the possibilities and features your clients can have on your white labeled dashboard

Get a reseller subscriptions link and activate your reseller account

White label business opportunities will just come your way with Shoutem’s subscription link, and then you can start reselling apps

Personalize your white label and dashboard

Set your domain name and use your logo to brand your dashboard when you start the reseller program

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  • 10,000+ apps in stores
  • 100M+ of app downloads
  • 10+ years of experience
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Our app helped us to target specific user groups and stand out from competitors. Since we use navigation within our app, having an offline feature was highly useful for our users!


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What is a white label reseller program?

A white label reseller program offers and resells products or services created by another company. “White label” refers to purchased or rebranded products or services purchased by resellers.

What is a white label mobile app?

A white label mobile app is an application unconnected to the app developer or person/company that made the app. A white-label mobile app can also be when a reseller offers a mobile app from another developer, but changes and customizes the branding.

How do I operate as a reseller?

After you become a mobile app reseller, you can create state of the art white label mobile apps for your clients. You can bill accordingly for app development, features, complexity, etc. You can also resell app building services to your customers and let them build and manage their mobile apps under their account via your Reseller website.

What is a mobile app reseller?

A mobile app reseller is a person or company that uses another company’s technology to produce and sell mobile apps to their customers under new branding.

Do I need an Apple or Google Play developer account as a reseller?

Yes. You must have your own Google Play developer account ($25 one-time payment), and we take care of publishing apps on Google Play Store. With Apple, the situation is different: Your clients must have an iOS developer account ($99/year) because Apple requires different accounts for each developer

What is the reseller pricing?

Check out our Agency subscription to learn more about volume discounts and white-label agency programs, or schedule a call with one of our sales managers to get the best deal you can.

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