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Allow your Android users to fully enjoy the experience of having your customized Android app.

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How to create an Android app in 4 steps with Shoutem’s Android App Builder?

Build a professionaly customized app for Android in 4 easy steps by yourself – without coding! Follow the steps:
1. Pick a name and template for your app

Choose a template that suits your app needs the best

2. Choose app layout

Set a navigation bar and determine Android app layout and design

3. Add features to your Android app

Search and install features for your Android app

4. Publish your Android app

Last step is to hit a publish button and let our team do the publishing to Google Play Store

Most-used features you can add to your Android app

A list of best app features you can implement in your Android apps with Shoutem’s app maker for Android platform.
  • Create Your Brand Community

    Make user profiles, activity feed, check-ins, status updates, photo-sharing links, comments. Shoutem’s Android app builder has everything you need to engage with your community 24/7.

  • Stream Your Content

    Shoutem’s Android maker allows you to create, stream and share your videos, music, photos and podcasts with your audiance with live streaming function.

  • Monetization

    Use push notification to interact with clients, monetize your app with ads and create deals to engage users in your mobile apps.

  • Premium Support

    Get premium email support 24/7 with the option to upgrade further. Our clients loves us and we love them back!

  • Integrations

    Build a Android application that can be integrated with different platforms, like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, WordPress, Shopify and much more.

  • App Analytics

    Use in-app analytics to track and share all the neccesery informations. From user engagements to real-time sales data.

  • In-App Exclusive Offers & Purchases

    You can create and share your deals and offers, create coupon codes and see real-time purchases in your Android apps without code.

  • Blog/News

    Import your blog posts or site feeds into the app to seamlessly update your fans with the latest news.

  • Push Notifications

    Announce new deals, local events, and more with specially targeted notifications delivered right to your users.

  • Shopping Cart

    Create a custom shopping experience for your or your customers, with customized shopping carts and lists.

  • Website

    Very helpful feature ito have in your Android mobile app. Having a website creates an option for small businesses to convert their website into an app without any coding knowledges needed. Add the website URL in app and take your business to the Android mobile platform

  • Maps

    You can add a map and pointing directions inside your Android app to give your clients and customers clear directions and instructions to your locations.

  • White Label Solutions

    Use your business’ branding and domain to customize your white label CRM the way you want with our mobile resellers program.

  • App Templates

    Custom made app templates for your Android apps which are free to use. All the templates are created by award-winning mobile app designers.

iWatch App Builder – Create Apps in 4 Steps

Why Should you Make an Android App for your Business?

Open source platform

Android platform is an open-source platform, which has low-entry barriers and low development costs. This allows you to build an Android app for your business at lower costs.

Third-party app stores and network distributions

Biggest and most know platform for Android apps is Google Play Store, but beside it, it can be distributed through third-party app stores. This helps you with extending and widening your reach towards your additional potentional users and customers.

Fast & easy app approval process

Fast and easy proces of app approval makes publiblishing mobile apps on Google Play pretty streightforward. There are multiple submission policies so you can choose which one is best for you.

Multi-device compatibility

Android apps are compatible with wide range of devices, including tablets, smart TVs, car systems, Chrome devices, smartwatches and other smart devices, and is the list is growing almost daily.


The platform is created with Linux. High security standards are meet, any actions on the Android platform are fast and smooth. You can’t even remember when was the last time that the platform had some problems or issues.

Big market share

The global share for Android is around 71% which is huge. Creating an Android app is the biggest laverage you can get for your business. The more customers, audiences you can reach and engage, the higher are chances for your app’s success.


Android apps are developed with Java, which makes them easy to port to almost every mobile operating platform and even to Chrome OS.

Best No-Code Android App Building Platform

Shoutem’s Android app builder is an easy no-code development platform for Android apps. Everyday apps for Android are built and published on the Shoutem platform. Complete Android app builder for native Android apps.

Build Your Own Native Android Mobile Apps Fast and Easy

Shoutem’s Android app creator allows you to create an Android app without coding. Our builder is created and optimized to function flawlessly on the Android platform. Did we mention that coding skills are not required?

Reach your Customers to Increase Revenue for Business

People are spending more time and money on good mobile apps than ever before, especially users that use Android phones. With a proper Android app, it is easier to reach the right target audiences. Our Android app creator can help you build professional mobile apps with customized offers, push notifications, in-app purchases, Shopify integrations, shopping carts, subscriptions, and other models to generate an additional stream of revenue for your business.

Drag & Drop Android App Builder

Everyone these days can create their own mobile apps. Shoutem’s Android app maker has an intuitive and easy-to-use drag and drop interface which is providing users with an enhanced and stress-free building experience to help you create an android app for your business. DIY Android app builder for you.

What are the Benefits of Having an Android app?

Android apps have a huge number of users, both business and personal users. Numerous case studies are confirming that Android users are more loyal to the Android platform than the users on other platforms. Android apps also have a big impact when it comes to device’s popularity and their sales numbers. That is also a fact that can’t be ignored.

The benefits of Android apps are listed below, for personal and business users:

For Businesses Users

  • An additional stream of revenue for your business. An app helps you stay connected and engaged with your customers and target audiences. From a user perspective, with a few touches, they can be in communication with your business, enjoying in support you provide.
  • With high security comes a high trust. Apple devices and software are known for their high level of security and privacy policies. This builds trust amongst Android users which can become your new potential customers if you are on the Android platform.
  • Live data and app analytics. In-app analytics in Android apps will give you valuable insights about customer preferences, their buying behavior, what they like or dislike. It can be also used for tracking down which areas can be improved in your Android app.
  • Multiple monetization ways inside your own app. You can have a store in your iPhone app, use push notifications to notify your customers about important offers. You can have in-app purchases, shopping carts and lists, or you can simply monetize with ads.
  • Mobile app reselling is available. You can use your created Android app, with your company’s branding and everything, and resell it further. There are white label app building platforms that offer to add your branding, logo and everything custom for your business and resell it further to third parties. This opens a whole new world of possibilities to some business owners.

For Personal Users

  • No unnecessary apps or junk. It is a great standard to have and it is an important reason why Android users love the Android platform so much. Simple, clean and fast user experience in any app for Android.
  • Enhanced support for HTML and multimedia. iPhones have high-end displays which are offering exceptional viewing quality and experience.
  • Connectivity and compatibility. You can sync up all devices and share all the app information and content on all devices simultaneously. All Android apps are compatibile with other devices that are on Android platform.
  • Better battery management. We all know that iOS devices struggle with the power inside their batteries. a good iOS app can manage the power in a battery in a more efficient way.

FAQ about Android App Builder

How much does it cost to build an Android app?

With Shoutem, if you want to build an Android app, it will cost you $59/month for annual billing (or $79/month in case you want to pay month after month). In case you want your app to live long and prosperous, go with a yearly plan and get three months for free and save $240!

How can I build an Android application?

We created a no-code Android app builder so any person can build an Android mobile app without any coding knowledge.

How much time do I need to build an Android app?

It depends on how many features you need and how much content you will enter. Usually, it would be best to have one working day to manage functionalities and enter content. So, yes, you can do it all in one day!

What programming language is used for Android apps?

Java is used for building Android apps, but we have created our builder on React platform which allows you with drag & drop mobile app builder to can create an Android app without any coding.

Is Shoutem Turnkey App Platform?

Yep! You can choose from existing templates and features to kick-start your app development. No coding skills are required.

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