Create a Travel App for iOS & Android

Build an app to promote local events, exciting itineraries, and all that a destination has to offer. Shoutem’s no-code app builder makes travel mobile app development easy.

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Drag and Drop Travel App Builder

Use our travel and tourism app template to build your app in 3 easy steps:

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Add Logo and Brand Colors

Upload your logo and select your brand colors.

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Select Your App Features

Use the pre-built app template features or customize for your needs.

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Publish Your App

Make your app available on both the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Must-Have Features for Your Travel & Tourism App

Build the best travel app possible with the following features, all meant to enhance your users’ overall travel experience.

Shoutem travel app showing upcoming events screen.

Tours & Events

Use the Events feature to list all upcoming events, such as concerts and street festivals, and tour options, like guided walking tours or full-day itineraries. For each listing, include a comprehensive overview of what attendees will see, do, and experience.

Travel App on smartphone showing seaside village overview, and displaying an image of boats in a harbor

Places & Locations

Catalog and categorize nearby attractions, hotels, restaurants, and more, so users can easily find local attractions and things to do. With the Locations module, creators can pinpoint exact spots and craft custom area maps, offering users a tailored, easy-to-navigate guide to explore all that the area has to offer.

Travel app screen showing photos albums of different local points of interest.

Photos & Videos

Engaging photos and videos allow users can get a feel for the local beauty and imagine themselves in the moment. Use the Photo RSS feed to pull Instagram images using your hashtags directly into your app, or use the Video RSS or YouTube integrations to load a complete video gallery in a moment.

Shoutem travel app showing whitewater rafting tour with 'Book Tour' button.

Purchase Tickets

Users can purchase tickets for events and excursions using Web View, which shows transaction pages from your website within your app. This feature ensures a seamless user experience and optimizes your organization’s potential for travel booking services.

Smartphone displaying news articles

Local News Feed

Aggregate real-time local news, weather forecasts, and more through RSS feeds, offering users a comprehensive view of their destination’s current events. This automatic integration helps local residents and visitors stay informed with up-to-date and relevant local information.

Travel itinerary feature shown, displaying a user's favorite restaurants, events, and excursions.

Build a Travel Itinerary

App users can “Favorite” the places they’re most interested in, which saves that place into a special folder and essentially allows them to craft their own personalized travel itinerary. By favoriting sightseeing, shopping, and culinary options, users can efficiently organize their trip plans with all of the location details they need to see and do it all.

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Additional Key Travel App Features

  • Language Selection

    Users can select the language your app content will display in.
  • App monetization icon

    App Monetization

    Allow users to become paid subscribers with in-app purchase options.
  • User comment icon

    User Comments & Sharing

    App users can comment on their favorite tours, events, and itineraries, and share them on their own social feed.

Most Popular Types of Travel Apps

Wondering what kind of app your tourism bureau or travel agency might offer? Check out the following popular and useful travel app ideas.
  • Travel Guide App

    Provide comprehensive information on local attractions, historical sites, dining options, and unique experiences. Users can access detailed descriptions, operating hours, and user reviews, helping them to discover the best each destination has to offer.
  • Concierge Flight Booking App

    Offer white-glove service with a flight booking application that allows users to view flight options and submit their preferences and requests, allowing your team to handle the details from there.
  • Travel Planning App

    Use the Checklist feature to make sure nothing gets forgotten, from travel planning checklists to ensure every detail has been considered, to packing checklists pre-drafted by season and region, to budget tracking checklists to make sure the finances stay in order.
  • Concierge Hotel Booking App

    Showcase local hotels and accommodations, detailing hotel room types, occupancy limits, and amenities. Users notify your team of their preferences, and you can manage their hotel bookings for them.

Shoutem’s No-Code Development Process

Our no-code app builder allows you to create a user-friendly mobile app for Android and iOS without writing a single line of code.


Just open the travel app template and choose the features you want, using our app previewer to view your changes in real-time. When you’re done adding content, our team helps you publish your app the the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How to make an android app

Travel App Development FAQ

  • How to create a travel app?

    Creating a travel app is easy with Shoutem. Just open a template and start setting your preferences:

    Select app features: Browse our features library and click to add your favorites. They’ll instantly appear in your app menu, ready for customization. Drag them up or down to reorder them.

    Format display settings: Click the visual layout for each module. Should images display full-screen, or as a thumbnail grid? Should your navigation menu rest at the bottom of the screen, or slide out of view until the user clicks a button at the edge of the screen? No matter your choice, it’s as easy as simply clicking a pre-set option.

    Add content: Upload your images, bulk-upload blogs, paste event descriptions, and more. Set it all up once and enable auto-updates via RSS feeds to keep your app content fresh. It’s as easy as that! No coding, no development team, and no pro HTML or Java knowledge needed.

  • How much does it cost to build a travel app?

    Traditional mobile app development costs can range from $25,000 to $150,000+ depending on your app’s complexity and the type of labor you use—freelance software development or contracting with a travel app development company.

    By handling the job yourself with our no-code app builder, you can build your app for free and only pay a low monthly fee for hosting. Take a look at Shoutem Builder pricing plans.

  • How much do travel apps make a year?

    There’s huge potential to increase your annual revenues by creating a new travel app. Last year, travel industry apps earned as much as $556 billion, largely due to flight booking apps like TripAdvisor, Expedia, and; hotel booking apps like Airbnb; and transportation/car rental apps like Uber, Enterprise, and Hertz.

  • Why build a travel app?

    Adding a travel or tourism app to your communications mix will allow you to stay connected with existing clients, residents, and visitors, while also providing new opportunity for new clients or visitors to find you in the app store.

    Mobile applications keep users engaged with alert functionalities for the news and categories they’re most interested in. They allow users to customize their travel plans, providing valuable information for accommodation bookings and local experiences. Plus, options for in-app purchases and paid user subscriptions can quickly become a significant element in your business model and strategy.

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