The #1 Conference & Event App Builder: No Coding Required

Keep event attendees informed in the days and months leading up to your event with a custom-built event app. Our Conference & Event App creator allows event organizers to display event details, collect RSVPs, push out updates, and more.

Create Your App
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Tons of Event Features — Free with Shoutem

Use Shoutem’s premade features and fasten up the app making process

Event Calendar

List the details for each of your upcoming events, and enable integration with iCal or WordPress calendars.

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Event Program

Provide all of the dates, times, and locations for each performance, exhibitor booth, or break-out session — all in one place.

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Event Registration & Ticketing

Allow users to purchase event tickets directly using the ‘Products’ extension within your app, with customizable ticketing formats to meet any need.

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RSVP & Check-In

Encourage RSVPs directly from event listings within your app, or allow basic event check-in.

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Push Notifications

Announce new events, deals, offers, and more with specially targeted notifications delivered right to your app users.

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Social Network Wall

Allow your users to post their own updates and images, and to view and engage with others’ social media posts.

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News Feed

Display all related news and updates in one place so attendees can easily stay informed.

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Map & Locations

Use interactive maps to pinpoint the exact location of one event, or each location as your event travels from city to city.

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Headliner & Speaker Bios

Create profiles for each of the star attendees that will be at your event.

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Online Merch Shop

Post event merchandise for sale so attendees can show up in style.

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Geo Restrictions

Keep certain content gated to attendees who are onsite at your event, or within a certain geographic range.

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Real-Time Chat

Allow event attendees to chat with each other in real time — perfect for coordinating meet-ups and networking!

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Create Your Own No-Code Event App in 4 Steps

Shoutem makes building an event or conference app effortless. No coding knowledge required!
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Pick a template

Choose one of several app templates that best suits your needs. (May we recommend the ‘Event App’ template!)

Choose a Layout

Pick your preferred navigation, functionality, and visual design preferences. If you’d like, you can customize colors, fonts, alignment, and other settings.

Install Your Favorite Features

Simply click the ‘Add’ button for your favorite features, like Event Calendar or News Feed, and drag the feature to its spot in your app navigation. Then just update feature fields with app content detailing your event specifics.

Publish Your Event App

When everything is in place, hit the ‘Publish’ button. Select whether your app is built for Android or iOS, and our support team will publish it to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store.

Benefits of Having an Event App

Having a customized app specific to your conference or event builds attendee engagement and excitement before, during, and long after the big day.
Event app creator’s key features
  • calendar
    Event Planners
    Event organizers can post event programming, floor plans, and maps so users can plan in advance — minimizing day-of confusion and maximizing the attendee experience.
  • push notification
    Event Headliners
    Generate buzz by promoting speakers and performers in your app. Create bio pages, post image and video content, and share their social handles and feeds.
  • about
    Event Attendees
    Users can purchase tickets, engage with social media, buy merch, stream live sessions, chat with others, and so much more.

Need a Hand? Shoutem Pro is Your Solution

Shoutem PROEvent App

Our experts are available to build and publish your app for you, allowing you to focus on your upcoming events. Sign up for Shoutem PRO and get:

  • App design
  • App development
  • Content import
  • App publishing

You’ll have full insight into app creation at all times, and we promise to provide an event app that you’ll love.

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Conference & Event App FAQ

  • How can I use an event app?

    An event app is a valuable tool for event planners to promote virtual events, hybrid events, webinars, trade shows, conferences, concerts, and more. It enables easy communication, updates, and agendas for attendees, both in-person and remote. Event apps encourage engagement, enhancing attendee experience. For planners, event apps facilitate event management, streamlining schedules and providing analytics for better insights.

  • How do I create an event app?

    The easiest way to create your own event app is with Shoutem. Our customizable app creation software allows you to create an app perfect for your event with no coding necessary.
    Using drag-and-drop functionality and WYSIWYG editors, event planners and event organizers can design and customize an app to fit their specific needs. From scheduling and maps to networking and engagement tools, Shoutem offers a range of pre-built templates and functionalities, making the process seamless and efficient. Our support team even handles the process of publishing your app to the Android or iOS app store. The result is a professional and engaging mobile app that enhances the event experience for both organizers and attendees.

  • How much does a mobile event app cost?

    You can build your own app for free with a Shoutem 14-day free trial! After this, or to publish your app, you can select the monthly pricing plan that works for you. Learn more about Shoutem pricing!

  • How can I get help with my event app?

    The Shoutem support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Just reach out and we’ll be in touch soon!
    If you need a bit more help in building your app, Shoutem Pro may be a good solution. Shoutem Pro allows you to delegate the app creation process to our expert team. Just tell us your goals and any unique needs you may have for your app, and we’ll handle the entire app development and publishing process. This hassle-free approach allows you to focus on your core tasks while ensuring the creation of a high-quality, tailor-made mobile app that’s custom-built for your conference or event.