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“We are so thrilled to finally be able to create an app to run all activities for our school and communicate with students and their parents in one place.”

— Joel Adelsköld, Principal at JENNY Skol

“Great experience, customer service is always responsive and polite. Very knowledgeable staff help us get started and ongoing development support has been great.”

— George Silberberg, MyServices

“Offline mode (navigation maps work without internet connection) was the most useful app feature that we needed, and Shoutem had it. “

Ricardo Čerljenko, Zadar Bike Magic
mobile app builder

Build your loyalty app

E-CommerceSmall Business

Capitalize on your clients’ value and worth with Shoutem mobile app builder. Increase repeat business with your own Loyalty Rewards Club

  • Choose between single card, multi card or punch card loyalty
  • Personalize promotional offers to your customers
  • Create Deals, Rewards and Promotions
loyalty program app shoutem apps

Build your food-ordering app

FoodDeliverySmall Business

Engage your customers by sending personalized messages with daily offers or real-time updates, build your brand through loyalty programs, and pay zero commission.

  • Add multiple locations with different menus
  • Send instant push notifications with geo-targeting options
  • Integrate with any payment provider, or offer cash on delivery
restaurant menu food ordering

Build your radio streaming app

FoodDeliverySmall Business

Put your boom box in an app and light the party up. Make sure your app is up to date with radio feature and Shoutem mobile app builder.

  • Allow your customers to listen to their favorite radio stations in the background
  • Enter your radio schedule, favorite DJs and presenters
  • Let your customers stream their favorite songs with Apple’s amazing AirPlay feature
music program radio mobile app

Start building your own app from our templates

Create your telemedicine apps


Allow your patients to effortlessly book appointments via the app, chat with helper bots, and make video calls for appointments via your health app from Shoutem mobile app builder.


  • Make on-site booking appointments
  • Allow your patients to book a consultation via the app
  • Use video calls for sessions and online consultations
health app medicine app

Build your fitness app


Transfer your client’s favorite gym into their mobile app and expand their digital experience.

  • Stream your fitness class via the mobile app
  • Allow your users to book a session via the mobile app
  • Have a one-on-one gym class using video-call
fitness app gym app

Start building your own app from our templates

Create a Shopping app


Stay attuned to your customers’ needs with an app. Present your products, promote sales, and boost brand awareness with Shoutem Mobile App Builder.

  • List item for sale using Shopify
  • Integrate with your existing mobile webshop
  • Connect your app with WordPress site
shopping app

Create a Community app


Create a Community App for Android and iOS. Stay in touch with the favorite one by communicating and sharing from your phone!

  • Create Events
  • Use Social Wall
  • Use Notifications
event app social media app

Build Apps for your Sports Team, Association & Club


Create an app for your sports club or list sports events and allow fans to access the results of the sporting events in a single place.

  • Stream favourite sport events
  • Create sports events for users
  • Use push notifications for news and scores
gym app yoga

Create a business app without code

Build your own Social Network app

Social NetworkChat

Allow your users to like and comment on Social Wall with their own user account! Share images and chat, and make video calls!

  • Chat & Video calls
  • Social Wall
  • Photo gallery
  • User Profiles
social wall social network app

Create your dentistry apps


Make on-site booking appointments a breeze and gain the trust of your patients through testimonial page and video consultation appointments


  • Make on-site booking appointments
  • Allow your patients to book a consultation via the app
  • Use Push notifications to let your users know about free appointments
dentist medicine app

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