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1. Name & logo

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2. Set Features

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Create your own Podcast App for Android and iOS

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Create your own Podcast App for Android and iOS
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mobile app builder 30A radio


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In the last decade, podcasts have become increasingly popular. It is estimated that there are about 150 million podcast listeners only in the US.  That means that the revenues from podcasts are expected to reach over 2 billion in 2023. 

If you’re a striving podcaster and you’re wondering if you really need an app, just look at the numbers. Having an app for your podcast will make it easier for your audience to reach your content, create more revenue and attract potential listeners.

And if you’re worried about the long and costly process of making a podcast app, we’ve got that covered. 

Shoutem’s podcast app is an intuitive platform anyone can use to make their dream app. Check out the quick and easy process-making below.

How To Make A Podcast Mobile App In 3 Easy Steps

Choose a Template

Shoutem offers a variety of templates, so you don’t have to make everything from scratch like in traditional app making. Of course, every template is customizable.

Add Essential Features

Adding the features has never been easier; simply drag and drop in the previously selected template.

Upload It To The App Market

Click on the Upload button, and our team will make sure your app is uploaded to the desired app store. 

How To Make A Podcast Mobile App In 3 Easy Steps

Why Should You Create An Podcast Application Using Shoutem App Maker

Easy To Build And Manage

Since this is a no-code builder, everyone can make and manage a podcast app for themselves. There’s no need for expensive app developers.

Comprehensive And Flexible Options

We offer a variety of templates and customizable options to create the most attractive user interface.  

Industry-Leading Engagement Features

We offer all the features your podcast application will need. Add, delete or edit the features during and after app making process.

Application Security

Your user data is safe with us. We are particularly devoted to keeping the user profiles and user interactions safe from any third party.

24/7 Support

Our team is at your service 24/7. Feel free to contact us before, during, and after app-making.

Good Features For Podcast Application Maker

Audio Player

Since podcasts are mostly audio-only content-based, an audio player is one of the essential features. Use it to upload content or create a library of music.

Photo Gallery

When creating a podcast episode, a photo gallery is a handy feature. Create a photo gallery for each episode and upload the related pictures.

RSS Feed

Additional content offering is always good. For example, provide your loyal users with blog posts or news articles related to the episode’s topic.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to inform your fellow app users of new episodes or other news. 

Quick Action Links

 Include quick action links to allow your users to easily share your content on social media or e-mail. This will be great for reaching more weekly podcast listeners.

Interstitial Ads

Using interstitial ads on your app is a great way to create revenue, especially if your app is free for users. 

Good Features For Podcast Application Maker

Best Examples of Podcast Applications

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is a platform with a bunch of different podcasts on it. There are numerous topics, anything from entertainment to history. Apple frequently recommends its users podcasts based on the topics they like. 

Google Podcasts

Google podcast works as an alternative to Apple podcast. It’s a free service that allows users to listen to a number of podcasts. There are also a lot of topics covered so there is something for everyone.


Besides being a music streaming service, on Spotify, you can also find a bunch of podcasts. They are purely audio-based.

Podcast App Builder FAQ

What is the best app for creating podcasts?

The best app for creating podcast apps is the Shoutem app builder. It’s a code-free, user-friendly platform for making apps. 

How much does it cost to develop a podcast app?

Shoutem offers three pricing plans to help you develop your podcast app. It’s a great alternative to paying a considerable amount to an app developer. Creating an app with Shoutem can cost as low as $59.