How to Create a Podcast App

Share your podcasts, playlists, article updates, and even radio stations with current and future followers. Shoutem’s no-code mobile app builder makes it possible.

Two smartphones displaying podcast apps created with Shoutem.

Drag and Drop Podcast App Builder

Create and customize your own podcast app in three easy steps:

icon representing branding

Add Logo and Brand Colors

Upload your logo and select your brand colors.

app features icon

Select Your App Features

Use the pre-built app template features or customize for your needs.

icon using a rocket ship to represent publishing an app

Publish Your App

Make your app available on both the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Access to Features Used in the Best Podcast Apps

Shoutem apps offer the same features and functionalities seen in the most popular podcast apps on the market. Use any or all of the following features when creating your new podcast app.

Smartphone showing Shoutem's Podcast RSS feature.

Podcast RSS

Set up an RSS feed for your users’ favorite podcasts. Then, build a podcast directory so they can view, navigate to, and stream podcasts any time of the day or night.

Smartphone displaying a podcast app with audio player screen.

Audio Player

The most critical element of a podcast app, our Audio Player allows users play, pause, and even select streaming sound quality; a helpful feature for those on slower connections.

A smartphone's lock screen showing audio still playing via background play app feature.

Background Play

Multitaskers who navigate away from your app rely on background play, allowing them to continue listening to your podcasts while they browse social media or search the web.

Smartphone showing a weekly live listening schedule

Anchor & Co-Host Schedule

Use the Calendar screen to showcase a podcast schedule, allowing users to listen live to their favorite anchors, hosts, and co-hosts, or to preview upcoming podcast episodes.

Smartphone using Radio+ app feature to listen to any live radio station.

Radio Listening

Whether you’ve developed a radio station of your own or you just want to stream existing stations, add Radio+ to your Shoutem app to provide high-quality access to any radio station on the airwaves.

Smartphone podcast app showing related news module.

Related News

News RSS allows you to auto-publish articles and news items from your website directly to your app. It’s also the perfect solution to help your followers find other experts and bloggers in your niche.

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Additional Key App Features

  • Push Notifications

    Let users know about new episodes the moment they drop.
  • App monetization icon

    App Monetization

    Use interstitial ads or paid subscriptions to generate revenue.
  • Video Integration

    Instantly publish video podcasts or Zoom captures of your recording process with our built-in YouTube integration.

Why Users Choose Shoutem

Shoutem’s no-code app creation platform is the best option on creating a high quality app at a low cost.
  • Easy to Build and Manage

    With Shoutem, there’s no need for expensive app developers. Our tool is built with the sole intention of making app creation accessible to anyone, regardless of skill level.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Our team is at your service 24/7. Feel free to contact us before, during, and after app creation.
  • Application Security

    Your user data is safe with us. We are particularly devoted to keeping user profiles and user interactions safe from any third party.
  • Comprehensive and Flexible Options

    We offer a variety of templates and customizable options to create the most attractive user interface.

No-Code App Development for Android and iOS

Our no-code app builder allows you to create a user-friendly mobile app for Android and iPhone/iOS without writing a single line of code.


Just open the travel app template and choose the features you want, using our app previewer to view your changes in real-time. When you’re done adding content, our team helps you publish your app the the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Laptop showing Shoutem's no-code app builder platform.

Podcast App Builder FAQ

  • How do I create a podcast app?

    Shoutem’s no-code app building platform is the easiest way to create a podcast app. Our Podcast App template includes all of the app features you’ll need, pre-built and ready for you to customize. Simply open the podcast template, add your favorite app features, customize colors, and set up RSS feeds to bring in your app content. That’s it!

  • What is the best app for creating podcasts?

    There are several helpful apps that can be used in your recording studio to assist in creating podcasts. Some, like WavePad audio editing software, even offer editing tools to not just record audio files, but also add sound effects to your podcast recordings. However, the best platform for creating a podcast listening app is Shoutem, a no-code platform perfect for creating your own paid or free podcast app.

  • How do I add podcast recordings and app content?

    Adding podcast recordings and content to your Shoutem-built app is easy. Use pre-built app modules like Podcast RSS to effortlessly incorporate podcast recordings; News RSS for updating news, blog posts, or articles; and YouTube RSS for streaming video content. With these RSS feeds, your app is kept constantly up to date with no extra effort on your part.

  • How much does it cost to develop a podcast app?

    Shoutem offers three pricing plans to help you develop your podcast app. It’s a great alternative to paying a considerable amount to an app developer. Creating an app with Shoutem can cost as low as $59.

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