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App engagement within a congregation or community provides excellent opportunities for increased fundraising and volunteer outreach. Use Shoutem mobile app builder and connect with your community.

mobile app builder Church mobile app
mobile app builder Church mobile app
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Your mobile apps will be suitable for both Android and iOS. No additional effort.

Custom App Development

With Shoutem mobile app software, zero coding skills are required.

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Choose from existing templates and features to kick-start your app development.

Create a Bible App

Building mobile apps was never this easy!

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How to create a Bible app in just 3 steps?

Designing and making online mobile apps in just a few minutes

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1. Name & logo

To make an app, choose a template, or a blank app and set the name and icons

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2. Set Features

Select features that suits best your needs


3. Publish

Push the Publish button, and we will do the rest

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