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Stream your favorite blog posts from your blog or from different portals! Build a native app for Android and iOS in 3 easy steps – without coding!

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Your mobile apps will be suitable for both Android and iOS. No additional effort.

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With Shoutem mobile app software, zero coding skills are required.

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Choose from existing templates and features to kick-start your app development.

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Blogging App Builder – Converting blogs into mobile apps was never this easy! Increase blog aweareness and shares of your blog!

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Convert Blogger Blog Into a App in Just 3 Steps

Turn your blogs into mobile apps in just a few minutes

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1. Name & logo

Choose a template, or a blank app and set the name and icons

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2. Set Features

Select features from the app builder that suits best your needs


3. Publish

Push the Publish button, and we will do the rest

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Determine Your Target Audience

Are you a CVB, looking to showcase your region to new travelers? Or a travel agency looking to promote destinations around the world?


Do Some Competitor & Market Research

Find out what other organizations like yours are doing. Download their apps and check out what they provide … then think about what you could do better.


Open Shoutem’s Travel App Template

Create a foundation for your travel app in minutes, complete with the most popular travel app features already built in, with our pre-built travel app template.


Add and Customize App Content

Upload images, content, events, bios, and more. Plug in RSS feeds to instantly integrate news images, videos, and podcasts. Set your preferences for how menus should look.


Publish and Promote Your App

Preview and approve your app directly within the Builder platform and click ‘Publish.’ Our expert team will jump in to handle the publishing process for you!

Platforms for informational content consumption are becoming increasingly obscure in today’s digital environment, and creating a digital blog app could change that. We’ve got your back!

No matter what type of app you’re seeking to create, Shoutem has you covered.

How To Convert A Blog into Mobile App In 3 Easy Steps

Choose a Template

When it comes to establishing a Blog app, Shoutem offers a wide range of options. Customize the template to your heart’s content.

As a result of this platform, you may create relevant and engaging blog apps, as well as a variety of other mobile applications.

Add Build-In Features

A strong app builder is necessary for all forms of app development, whether the goal is to produce music or blog apps for mobile phones.

Shoutem’s Blog app builder is the greatest app for holding and attracting audiences’ attention to research.

Upload It To The Online Apps Store

There are a broad variety of apps that may be created with the Shoutem iOS and Android app building platform.

If you’re looking to get your apps into the hands of millions of people around the world, we’re here to help.

Why Should You Create An Blogging Mobile Application Using Shoutem

Easy To Build And Manage

You don’t have to be a programmer to build an Android or iOS blog app. Fill out the form fields and you’re done.

Shoutem’s shoulders can be relied upon if you seek professional assistance, therefore you don’t need any special coding knowledge or coding skills.

Social Media Tabs

You can make a mobile app out of a blog. Let your readers go to your blog quickly and easily. Adding social tabs to your Shoutem creation site makes it simple for visitors to interact with your social media pages.

No Commission

Using Shoutem, you may create a blog app without paying anyone a commission. All the fantastic capabilities that a professional app like this should have are yours for free when you establish your blog or bespoke content app.

Receive Payments Securely

Securely accept payments via credit card, PayPal, Stripe, and cash. Providing a safe and stress-free platform for Shoutem users is one of the company’s many goals for them.

Push Notifications

Use Push Messages to stay in touch with your customers and readers at all times. At Shoutem, we believe that alerting your app’s users about what’s going on is essential. It’s a way to build rapport with your readers by being open and truthful.

App Monetization

With our help, you can become a member of the app monetization program in order to earn money by displaying banner advertising in the blog app.

Why Should You Create An Blog Application Using Shoutem App Maker

Good Features To Have Inside Blogging Apps

Audio Player

Useful audio lectures regarding different types of content can be incorporated into mobile blog apps. In order to save their favorite audio clips for future use, programmers and app designers can use this feature to upload their work.

Photo Gallery

In the blog phone app, images and galleries are available for each category of material. Using Shoutem’s blog-creation software, you can upload many files at once to speed things up.

Quick Action Links

Share the links to your content blog on all of your platforms. This feature falls into the category of those smaller blog details that really make a difference.

Blogging App Builder FAQ

How do I make my blog into a mobile app?

Of course, with our assistance! The no-code solutions provided by Shoutem make it simple for those without coding experience to quickly build a successful blog app.

Take advantage of our detailed instructions to make your new app a smashing success online.

Can a blog be an app?

If you have a blog, you can use app builders to generate and convert blog app from it. Take a closer look at the apps and the good things they have to offer. Shoutem is a great tool for turning your blog into an Android or iOS app.

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