Chiropractor App Builder: Create On-Demand Chiropractor Mobile App

Are you a chiropractor looking to upgrade your business? Are you tired of all phone appointment booking and cash payments?

The solution to your problems is the on-demand chiropractor app.

To develop this app, you don’t need any special chiropractor app developer, only a simple app builder like Shoutem.

Find out just how simple it is to build a chiropractor app with Shoutem.

Chiropractor App Builder

How To Create a Chiropractor App for Android & iOS in 4 Steps?

Creating a chiropractor app is as easy as checking these steps. Follow them to succeed! 
How To Create a Chiropractor App for Android & iOS in 4 steps
1. Pick a Name and Template For Chiropractor App

Choosing a template is the first step to creating your app, and we offer multiple options. 

2. Build-In App Layout

Set your logo, brand colors, and align your content for Chiropractor Application

3. Add Features to Your Chiropractor App

All the features are already built-in, just add them with a drag&drop. 

4. Publish Your Chiropractor App Online

Click on the Publish button, and our team will ensure your app goes live.

Features of Chiropractor App Builder

Some advanced features that you add can make your app more interesting compared to the competition. 
  • Registration and Log-in

    Registration and login are the first things users have to do after downloading the app. Make it straightforward as possible and allow users to register with their e-mail or social media account.

  • Promo Codes

    Promo codes are a great way to attract new clients. After you’ve studied the services clients book the most, you can even make personalized offers. 

  • View Chiropractor Therapist Profile

    This feature is optional, but usually well demanded. It’s easier for clients to choose the right chiropractor if they have some basic information about their work principle. 

  • Accept & Reject Requests

    This is an essential feature of the on-demand chiropractor app. Once the chiropractic gets the request, he can accept or deny it with a click of a button. 

  • Chat With Customers

    Sometimes, customers want to talk about their condition beforehand to select the exemplary service. The chat feature will allow this.  

  • Customers’ Reviews For Chiropractor Service

    Reviews are a great way to attract new customers and improve your business. Customers can leave reviews based on the massage and communication with their professional chiropractor.

Benefits Of Creating An On-Demand Chiropractor App

Benefits Of Creating An On-Demand Chiropractor App

Easy To Build And Manage

Since Shoutem is a code-free and intuitive app builder, anyone can use it to create a great on-demand chiropractor app. 

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways must be a part of every app. This allows direct payment from the user to a chiropractor. 

Interactive Dashboard

The most crucial part of the admin panel is the interactive dashboard. From it you can control every aspect of your app.  

Service Provider Management & Verification

If you own a practice, organize your chiropractor employees with a service provider management. Also, you can use the app to verify their profiles.

Push Notification

Push notifications are a great way to make your users take action. For example, notify them frequently about new services or discounts. 

Social Sharing

Social sharing can make your app more popular. Every time a client shares your app on social media, it increases visibility. 

Customer Satisfaction

In the service industry, the most important thing is customer satisfaction. So take a look at the reviews your customers leave and see if there’s any room for improvement. 


Determine Your Target Audience

Are you a CVB, looking to showcase your region to new travelers? Or a travel agency looking to promote destinations around the world?


Do Some Competitor & Market Research

Find out what other organizations like yours are doing. Download their apps and check out what they provide … then think about what you could do better.


Open Shoutem’s Travel App Template

Create a foundation for your travel app in minutes, complete with the most popular travel app features already built in, with our pre-built travel app template.


Add and Customize App Content

Upload images, content, events, bios, and more. Plug in RSS feeds to instantly integrate news images, videos, and podcasts. Set your preferences for how menus should look.


Publish and Promote Your App

Preview and approve your app directly within the Builder platform and click ‘Publish.’ Our expert team will jump in to handle the publishing process for you!

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