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Community Apps Builder

Build a Community App for Android and iOS in just 3 steps. Connect and communicate within your custom community app!

Community app builder

Your mobile apps will be suitable for both Android and iOS. No additional effort.

No code platform for your community app

With Shoutem mobile app software, zero coding skills are required.

Intuitive dashboard inside community app builder

Choose from existing templates and features to kick-start your app development.

Build your own Community App

Building mobile apps was never this easy! Connect with your community with a mobile app!

Build your own Community App

Make a Community App in just 3 steps

Design and make Community mobile apps in just a few minutes

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1. Name & logo

To make your own app choose a template, or a blank app and set the name and icons

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2. Set Features

Select features from the app builder that suits best your needs


3. Publish

Push the Publish button, and we will do the rest

Build your app now


Determine Your Target Audience

Are you a CVB, looking to showcase your region to new travelers? Or a travel agency looking to promote destinations around the world?


Do Some Competitor & Market Research

Find out what other organizations like yours are doing. Download their apps and check out what they provide … then think about what you could do better.


Open Shoutem’s Travel App Template

Create a foundation for your travel app in minutes, complete with the most popular travel app features already built in, with our pre-built travel app template.


Add and Customize App Content

Upload images, content, events, bios, and more. Plug in RSS feeds to instantly integrate news images, videos, and podcasts. Set your preferences for how menus should look.


Publish and Promote Your App

Preview and approve your app directly within the Builder platform and click ‘Publish.’ Our expert team will jump in to handle the publishing process for you!

Shoutem has a solution for every type of app you’re looking to build. As a professional community app builder, Shoutems Community App Builder customers have access to a wide range of development possibilities.

To bring your content in front of more people and app users, you may utilize this app, which will assist you to encourage them to engage with it in a more meaningful way Using our pre-built template, you can quickly turn your app idea into reality and delight your users.

Make A Community Mobile Apps In 3 Easy Steps

Choose a Template

Shoutem has a wide range of options when it comes to creating a community app. Aside from community apps, you may construct a number of mobile applications using this platform.

Add Build-In Features

There is a need for an app builder for all types of apps, whether they are blog or community apps for mobile devices.

Shoutem’s branded community app builder is the best app for holding and attracting audience attention study since it includes a wide range of features, including an audio player, RSS feed, numerous content shapes or sizes, and initiative links.

Upload It To The Online Apps Store

It is possible to construct a wide range of apps for iOS and Android using the Shoutem platform.

To reach a global audience and successful online community building with your community apps, we’re ready to assist you in any way we can.

Why Should You Create An Community Application Using Shoutem App Maker

Easy To Build And Manage

Building a community app for Android or iOS doesn’t require you to be a programmer. You’re done after filling out the form fields. If you seek professional help, you can put your trust on Shoutem’s shoulders, which eliminates the requirement for specialized knowledge or abilities.

No Commission

When you create your own online community application or custom content sharing app, you get all the great features that a professional software like this should have for free.

Why Should You Create An Community Application Using Shoutem App Maker

Charity & Donation

Using the Shoutem’s community app builder, you can simply generate a sense of feeling for your community by allowing them to give their money to secret groups and organizations, or by purchasing limited edition community merchandise for the greater good.

Receive Payments Securely

Accept credit card, PayPal, Stripe, and cash payments securely. One of Shoutem’s main objectives for its users is to provide a safe and stress-free environment. Only the owner of a file system can grant access to that file system.

Push Notifications

Staying in touch with your customers and readers and app users at all times is easy with Push Messages or notifications.

Our team at Shoutem firmly believes that keeping your app’s users in the loop about any changes is vital. You may establish trust with your audience by being honest and upfront in your writing.

Usage Analytics

You can remain on top of your community’s demands with the support of valuable data and usage insights, which Shoutem’s software gladly shares with its users.

Your community app will benefit greatly from this approach.

Nearby Search

Organizing an event necessitates a location that is often difficult to come by. We believe that the built-in map is the greatest approach to providing directions and locating the top places close to you.

Good Features For Community App

Audio Player

There are many types of features you can add to your community app using Shoutem’s solutions. Audio lectures on a variety of topics can be included in online community platforms.

This amazing feature can be integrated into your app as voice memos, narrator nature for maps or app usage, and so on.

Events Calendar

Is creating community-based events and goods something you’d like to get involved in? The most efficient way to do this is through the use of a monthly event calendar.

Photo Gallery

Images and galleries are available for each category of material in the community phone app. You can upload multiple files at once with Shoutem’s community app-building platform.

You can share pictures of events, nature sights, lost dogs and much more, for your community to see.


Your content must be wholesome and educational, but it must also be relevant to your audience and community.

Every time you update your app, be sure to include different kinds of content, such as upcoming events and other relevant community information. This will help to keep your users engaged and expand the sense of belonging in your app.

Community Apps FAQ

Which platform is best for building community?

With our community app maker, you’ll be able to create a successful community app with a thriving community and amazing features, in addition to core features of course, that your audience will like.

Adding to that, your software will be able to develop and grow over time as new app development features and functionalities are added.

What is a community-based app?

Community applications are designed to support online communities, which are groups of like-minded people with shared interests, values, and views, in order to facilitate social interaction.

With these apps, you create a network of people that can bond and share different forms of content with each other.


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