Dental App Builder: Make a Dentist App

Creating a dental app shouldn`t be difficult and expensive and we will prove it. Shoutem`s dental app builder provides an opportunity for everyone without special skills in developing.

Dental App Maker Build an Appointment Booking App (Fast & Easy)

Create a Dental App in 4 Easy Steps Without Coding

Making a dental app using Shoutem builder is easier by following these steps.
1. Pick a free template for the app builder

For the first step choose one of the offered templates to build your identity and match your brand. If you don`t find the one for your preference, customize it later. 

2. Enter a name for your Dental app

Adding the name of an app is very important and think well to match it with your brand for patients to recognize it. 

3. Add features like reservation, gallery etc.

All of the information, like a reservation system, pictures or additional information should be uploaded in this step.  Be sure to provide as much information as possible. 

4. Publish your app to Google Play Store and Apple Store

By pressing the publish button, your app is becoming viral and available for download on Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

Features for Your Dental App

Adding additional features can make your app user-friendly and popular. 
  • Scheduled Appointment

    The most important feature will help you track appointments, but at the same time facilitate scheduling for users. Emergency and well-planned appointments will make an app stand out among others on the market.  

  • New Offers & Deals

    To engage and increase the number of people using an app, a great feature is offers and deals. List discounts and offers that may result in higher interest. Moreover, use it to reward loyal users.

  • Real-time Chat 

    To set unmatched patient comfort, real-time chat can make it easier to deal with changes in appointments or get instant help in emergencies. Leave different options to connect with users. 

  • Push Notifications 

    A brilliant feature that will both notify users of their appointment and help you stick to the schedule. It is especially great in busy lifestyles. 

  • Website To App 

    When you already have a website with important information like caring for oral health, add it to the app for more instant advice to your users.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social media integration is great for providing more information about a brand and connecting your community. Making content for one app and advertising on the other will save your time. 

Benefits Of Creating Dental App

Benefits Of Creating Dentist App

Increase user base 

Scheduling appointments online or via an app is preferred with newer generations, so it will help you increase your consumer base and attract new patients. 

Track data

Understanding the process behind the app and tracking user data might help you find and reach your audience. 

Better customer experience

Features like real-time chat will provide you with more background information about your patients and build mutual trust. 

Increase convenience 

Easier booking and information in one place will result in better relations with patients and long-term cooperation.  

Receive feedback 

It is very important to know what your patients think of your work and feedback is a valuable resource of information on how to grow in the future. 
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mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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How Does Dentist App Builder Work

There are two levels on which the dental app works well. On the one hand, it will ease scheduling and communicating to users and patients who need to get their patient dose or a piece of quick advice.

On the other hand, using and creating an app for your needs and collecting data is very simple and user-friendly and doesn`t require any special knowledge. Thanks to the Shoutem app builder, you can provide quick solutions on both iOs and Android platforms. 

How Does Dentist app Builder Work

Who Can Use Dental App Maker?

As mentioned before, you don`t need to have special knowledge or skills to use and manage the Dentist app. With an intuitive design and simple drag-and-drop features, it is easy to customize it for a better customer experience.

Not only this will increase your productivity, but an increasing number of users will lead to more sales and better income. What is more, you don`t have to employ an extra person to run the app since you can do it from the comfort of your office.