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Make your Movie App

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Features for your own Movie App

Building mobile apps was never this easy! Show your favorite Movies on a mobile app!

Features for your own Movie App

How To Create a Movie App?

Design and make online Movie apps in just a few minutes

Name and logo for your movie app

1. Name & logo

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Set features inside your app

2. Set Features

Select features that suits best your needs

Publish your movie app

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mobile app builder Shoutem PRO app development
mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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Streaming video is a $50.11 billion industry worldwide, according to Grand View Research. Video streaming apps and movie applications have also risen in popularity as a result of this category’s rapid expansion.

These apps have the potential to become profitable enterprises if they are monetized correctly and with the right app idea.

A new app development platform called Shoutem (that’s us, by the way) enables non-programmers to create the best movie-watching software with different forms of streaming content on their phone or tablet.

With a few simple clicks, you can transform any idea into a reality with this drag-and-drop app creation. It also gives a wide range of monetization options that allow hobbyists to transform their interests into viable businesses.

Continue reading to find out how exactly Shoutem and its extra features help you become a leading movie and video streaming app developer.

How To Create a Mobile Movie Application in 3 Steps

Enter The Movie App Builder

Sing up to our intuitive platform to begin making your new movie app. Next, enter the intuitive dashboard to make your movie app quickly and code-free.

Set Up Your Movie Mobile Application

Click on the new blank app, and you’ll set up your movie mobile app in just a few steps. Drag and drop all the features and choose among many designs.

Publish Your Movie Mobile App At Online Stores

Publishing your movie mobile app has never been easier. Just hit the Publish button. After passing our team security check, your app will appear on any app store.

Features For a Movies App Maker

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Why not promote a wide range of products and services if you wish to help out other businesses? With the help of Shoutem’s movie app maker and its many additional features, Android’s most popular movie-making app, in our humble opinion of course, app owners can boost their profit margins and increase their revenue stream by adding sponsored content.

Features For a Movies App Maker


It’s commonplace to see banner ads, interstitial ads, and native ads on websites. When it comes to creating and monetizing tailored adverts, based solely on your content, Shoutem’s movie app maker is a game-changer.

Push Notifications

With Shoutem’s solution to mobile streaming app making, app developers can send notifications to their users that they actually want to receive and additionally regulate.

New releases, updates, recommendations and reminders are just a few of the possibilities available in movie apps.

Google Play

A lot of money can be made selling the greatest online streaming apps for watching movies on Google Play. You can start making money from all around the world right now by developing fun, educational, and fascinating apps!

This platform will allow you to achieve the goals that you set for your app by perfectly corresponding with our solution and bringing your product to a large audience.

RSS Feed

In order to keep up with the most recent movie news and in-app upgrades, you can subscribe to an RSS Feed. Shoutem’s movie app maker is one of the few android movie-making apps to offer this capability.

YouTube Player

It is a good idea to use YouTube videos of movie trailers as content for movie-watching apps. With Shoutem’s native movies app builder features, you can do exactly that.

Video Streaming App Builder

In today’s world, video streaming app development is a must-have feature on your online video streaming app. Everyone on the planet is streaming content on a daily basis because it is convenient and personable.

With our assistance, you can make your app work for the entire world by simply adding this tiny, yet effective feature, along side many other amazing features.

Why Create Movie Applications?

Easy To Monetize

Google Play and the App Store have a thriving entertainment and film section. As a result, it’s easier to build a high-paying app in this industry than in some others, like social media or gaming.

Why Create Movie Applications?

Create An App As a Hobby

Shoutem’s all-in-one platform makes it easy for anyone to create an online movie app, where your users can watch and stream their favorite movies, even as a fun side project.

Shoutem’s drag-and-drop interface makes construction simple and fun. There isn’t a lot of work involved in creating a movie bucket list, gifs, and collections in under one hour.

Improve App Making Skill

People who want to improve their app-building abilities might consider creating a movie app.

Organizing movies into groups and categories, adding Facebook trailers, designing banner ads, and experimenting with many other aspects of Shoutem’s movie app builder are all options for beginners.

Why Choose Shoutem Movie App Maker?

Built-in Push Notifications Package

Shoutem offers many valuable features, and this is no exception. Every membership to Shoutem comes with an additional built-in push notifications bundle as a bonus.

In this way, you will be able to send push notifications to your app’s users anytime new content is added to your movie app.

Easy To Use Interface

Simply put, Shoutem’s movie application builder is a joy to work with, thanks to its quality features.

Simply drag and drop the components you want into place! When utilizing the platform, you have a lot of freedom to play with its many features.

Make Multilingual Apps

With Shoutem help your users watch their content in any world language. Isn’t this a fantastic idea? Netflix and Prime are shifting their focus to include more multilingual material, and this trend is expected to continue.

Consider the demographics of your target audience while designing your movie application platform with our help if you plan to launch a streaming app service.

Why Choose Shoutem Movie App Maker?

No Code Development

Shoutem’s movie app creating tool eliminates the need for coding in the development of an instant messaging application.

Because of the platform’s unique drag-and-drop interface, adding as many features as you want to your app is a breeze. As a result of using this strategy, both time and money are saved.

Watch Offline

In remote locations or on a hill station where the internet connection is poor, this is a must-have accessory.

For example, it is possible to download videos from YouTube’s Ad-Supported Video on Demand (ASVOD) platform and on Netflix and watch them later at a later time. Take notes from the giants and with our help ad this to your app development.

Watch List

Add this content to your watch list if you’d like to watch it at a later time. The watch list function is a must-have for any movie application platform.

Some of your users won’t have enough time to watch their favorite content so make sure that you include them in your structural development plan.

If you can, why not, and with Shoutem’s app builder you can practically do anything including letting your users create content categories or lists.

Movie App Builder FAQ

How do I create a movie app?

Using Shoutem’s no-code solutions, you can create a successful movie app and bring your idea to reality in a matter of seconds. Watch your new app go viral by simply following our pre-made steps.

What is the best app for movie making?

Is this even a question? Shoutem solutions, as you have seen, offer you so much for such a small subscription fee; you can create and monitor your success with our movie app making platform, and most importantly, you are not alone in the process; with our smart features, we are always keeping an eye on your shoulder.

How do you make a movie app for free?

If you sign up for our platform you will immediately get a free trial period in which you can create and have fun and then, if you choose to stay you can pay the additional subscription price, we’ll lead you through the full procedure step by step, code and stress-free.

How do I make a streaming movie app?

Decide on a specialty. Once you’ve decided what material your app will broadcast, you’ll need to figure out how to monetize it and other features like that.

After that, we’ll be in charge of your app, but you’ll still be in power. Shoutem gives you total creative control over the creation process; our role is merely to assist you along the way.