News app maker: Build a news app

Build a Mobile News App for Android and iOS

Stream and share news from your very own mobile app. Shoutem’s no-code app builder makes it easy to build mobile news apps without writing a single line of code.


Build a Mobile News App for Android and iOS

Stream and share news from you very own mobile app. Shoutem’s no-code app builder makes it easy to build mobile news apps without writing a single line of code.

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The Shoutem platform ensures your app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

How to create a news app

With Shoutem mobile app software, zero coding skills are required.

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Choose from existing templates and features to kick-start your app development.

Build a mobile news app with Shoutem

Shoutem gives you access to dozens of pre-built app templates and features so you can build a fully customized news app. No coding necessary..

Create a News App in just 3 steps

Shoutem’s pre-built app templates make it easy to build a mobile app in minutes.

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1. Choose a Template

Start building your app by choosing a pre-built template from Shoutem’s template library

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2. Set Your Features

Select the features that best suit your needs


3. Publish Your App

Hit the publish button and upload your app to the App Store or Google Play


Using Shoutem, you can build a mobile news app that gives your users access to the latest stories and current events in their particular area of interest. Leveraging the power of a no-code app builder like Shoutem means that you can quickly create a mobile app for both Android and iOS without writing a single line of code. Here are some of the other benefits of using Shoutem to build a mobile news app. 

How To Create a News App In 3 Easy Steps

1. Enter the News App Builder

Before using the news app builder, your need to sign in to our platform. This will be your first step to creating a code-free, beautiful news app. Enter the platform and click on the news app template.

2. Set Up Your News Mobile App

Add the features, branding colors, and design with a few simple clicks, all code-free.

3. Publish Your News Mobile App On Online Market

There’s no complicated publishing process. Once you’re done with your app, just click Publish button, and our dedicated team will make sure it reaches the app stores of your choosing.

Features Inside Your News App

Categorized News

Shoutems’s News App Maker offers a wide range of news features, such as different news categories, including technology, current affairs, business, arts, and even local news specific to your city or region. By adding more content and features to your app through Shoutem’s no-code platform, you’ll be able to draw in more and more viewers and subscribers to your mobile app each day.

Add Media to your News app

Add Media

If you take a look at any of the current leading news platforms, you’ll see that they all have one thing in common—and that is high-quality visual media that supports their stories.

Using Shoutem’s News Application Maker, you can add images, videos, interactive polls, and other forms of media to improve the look and feel of the content on your news app. Simply select the type of media you’d like to add with Shoutem’s drag-and-drop builder and add it to your app. You can also create custom news story templates within the Shoutem platform so you can regularly update the content on your news app without any additional effort.

User Comments

While Shoutem is a great no-code tool for building news apps, you can also use it to foster a strong user community. Within the platform’s app builder, you can add a user comments features, allowing your app’s users to comment and interact with content published on your mobile application.

By allowing your users to comment on your news posts, you can learn which types of content drive the most engagement on your platform. Then, you can use that information to add more relevant content to your app using Shoutem.

Schedule posts

Don’t want to add new content to your app every day? Using Shoutem, you can add a scheduling feature to your mobile application and schedule your news pieces and reports in advance. You can also choose to publish content at the same time on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Not only will this make it easier to keep your app updated with new content, but it helps your users know when they need to check your mobile app for recent news stories.

Push Notifications

Want more ways to keep your mobile app users up to date with new content? Within Shoutem’s app builder, you can add push notifications to your news app. This will give you the option to instantly notify users when new content is added. You can even take it a step further and give your users the option to receive notifications about specific news categories or journalists they want to follow.

User-Generated Content

Using Shoutem, you can allow your app users to add content to your news app, including independently published stories, articles, and more. By giving your users the ability to create publisher accounts and add content to your app, you can foster community across your user base and ensure that your mobile application is constantly up to date with new content.

Benefits of Having a Mobile News App

Build a Niche User Base

The Shoutem platform gives you complete control over the type of content you want to feature on your mobile news app. This means you can niche down and share stories around current affairs, sports, pop culture, the arts, science, and more. Niching down into any of these categories allows you to build a niche user base that is interested in your chosen topic or category.

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Higher Engagement on Mobile Vs. Web Browsers

Because most digital media is consumed on mobile devices, building a mobile app for your news site will lead to higher engagement across your user base. You can also use Shoutem to export your existing website’s content into a mobile app without writing a single line of code.

Monetization Potential

Using Shoutem, your news app can easily be monetized through monthly news subscriptions, pop-ups, and paid advertising channels. Once you’ve built up your user base, the Shoutem platform makes it easy to monetize your app without disrupting the overall user experience.

Why Choose The Shoutem App Builder?

Built-in Push Notifications

Shoutem gives users the ability to install push notifications on their mobile apps. This makes it easier to keep your news app users up-to-date with the latest stories and current events published on your application.

Easy-To-Use Interface

The Shoutem platform was built with the user experience in mind. Shoutem’s simple drag-and-drop interface, clean design, and in-depth tutorials make it easy to start building your mobile app with little to no down time.

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Multilingual Options

Shoutem gives you the option to offer your app in multiple languages so you can reach a global audience. This makes it easier to build a news app that is limited one one country or region.

No Code Development

With Shoutem, you can build a mobile app for Android and iOS without writing a single line of code. All you have to do is pick a pre-built app template, choose the features you want, and publish your app. 

News Apps FAQ

  • How can I create a news app?

    To create a news app, you’ll need to decide on the content sources you want to use, build a backend to retrieve and parse articles using APIs or web scraping, design the UI, and code the frontend in a framework like React Native. However, with Shoutem’s no-code app builder you can easily build your news app without writing a single line of code.

  • How much does a news app cost?

    The cost to develop a basic news app can range from $25,000 to $150,000+ depending on its complexity and the type of labor you use—freelance developer or outsourced app development firm. You can also use a no-code app builder like Shoutem to build your app for free and host it at a low monthly cost.

  • How do I create a news feed app on Android?

    To create a news feed app on Android, you can use the RecyclerView widget for displaying news articles, implement XML or JSON parsing to process articles from news APIs, follow Material Design guidelines, and use Kotlin or Java in Android Studio for building the functional code. Additionally, you can use a no-code app builder like Shoutem to build your app for both Android and iOS without any extra effort.