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Create a News App in just 3 steps

Build a news app for Android and iOS in 3 easy steps – without coding!

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mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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Newspapers and other conventional media are losing their appeal in this digital age because of the abundance of online streaming platforms,   whether you’re just starting out or have been running a news channel for some time: You need to have a news app.

It’s everything here for you with Shoutem’s news app builder: all the steps and tricks you need to become a new media magnate. To learn how, keep on reading.

How To Create a News App In 3 Easy Steps

1. Enter the News App Builder

Before using the news app builder, your need to sign in to our platform. This will be your first step to creating a code-free, beautiful news app. Enter the platform and click on the news app template.

2. Set Up Your News Mobile App

Add the features, branding colors, and design with a few simple clicks, all code-free.

3. Publish Your News Mobile App On Online Market

There’s no complicated publishing process. Once you’re done with your app, just click Publish button, and our dedicated team will make sure it reaches the app stores of your choosing.

Features Inside Your News App

Categorized News

If anything, at Shoutem we are experts in helping you build a high-functioning app. Shoutems’s News App Maker offers a wide range of different news features, such as categories and divisions, including political news, business news, location-based news or regional news, viral news and more.

Make use of Shoutem’s News App Builder to create a high-quality app for your news station that will draw in more and more viewers and subscribers each day.

Add Media to your News app

Add Media

Just take a look at one of your favorite news channels, such as BBC News, Yahoo News or event the good old Google News. They all have one thing in common, and that is high-quality media that boost their words.

Shoutem’s News Application Maker enables you to add images, videos, and other forms of media to improve the look and feel of your content on your news app.

These can serve as an additional CTA (Call to Action) as well as a hook to entice readers to read your content. It makes it easier to spread viral content and reach a larger audience of people of all ages.

User Comments

As a result of our no-code solutions, the number of individuals who can interact with relevant news, published in your application, that is produced using Shoutem technologies will determine its success.

Sharing, liking, and especially commenting on viral news and happening in this modern world is something that we as people enjoy, today everyone wants to know everything.

By allowing your users to comment on your news posts, you will encourage them to spend more time on your platform and return more frequently, which will increase their chances of doing so.

Schedule posts

Our solutions also allow you to schedule your news pieces and news reports within your app to all publish at the same time during the day, which means you can build credibility in your community by letting your readers know when to check the app and look for new content to consume.

Push Notifications

Every time someone interacts with a post on your app, they receive a push notification. When a new article comes out they will know it via their news alerts and they can then receive additional reminders of missed content. In Shoutem, we recommend utilizing this feature to keep people coming back to your websites or in this case, app.

User-Generated Content

By allowing users to post their questions, comments, and concerns on your news app, you can enhance user engagement while also improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Additionally, analytics in your mobile app will allow you to keep an eye on user behavior and make adjustments to your news content and structure as necessary. This way user is the one in control of the content being presented within the app, by responding to media and content and choosing what to consume.

Benefits of Having a News Mobile Application

A Channel Of Your Own

It’s cheaper and more convenient to use your news app as your own news station than to make online space reservations. This implies that you have more control over what you’re putting out and a direct relationship with your audience, which is a big advantage in this kind of business.

There is a huge range of news applications, and making your channel unique will help you stand out in the crowd of other news firms.

Superior User Experience

Mobile phone usage is getting bigger and bigger as we speak. As a matter of fact, the user experience on mobile applications is far better than on websites or any other digital or conventional medium.

They take advantage of the device’s built-in features to make the app experience better for users.

Use a news app to keep your audience engaged and entertained

Higher Engagement

Every day, most people look at their phones numerous times. Your app is more likely to be used if the user has it on their phone than if they type in your website URL in a browser.

We strongly state, that using a news app is a surefire way to keep your audience engaged and entertained.

Additional Revenue Channel

Your news app can easily be monetized to increase your earnings. Even if you don’t have a mobile app, it’s still possible to make money through advertising, selling items or offering subscriptions to a unique buyer’s persona.

Greater Visibility

In order to successfully publish your app on the app stores, you must ensure that your brand name and the most important keywords are prominently shown in the app name and the app description.

This increases the visibility of your brand name and your news app to the appropriate audience who is seeking a news app similar to yours, which ultimately means more visibility for your brand.

Why Choose The Shoutem App Builder?

Built-in Push Notifications Package

Here in Shoutem, we are more than happy to include an additional built-in push notifications package as a perk within every subscription.

As a result, you’ll be able to notify your app’s users via push notification whenever there is a new post and content on your news app.

Easy To Use Interface

The best thing about Shoutem’s news app maker is how simple it is to use. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the elements you desire!

You have a lot of room to experiment with the platform’s various features when using it.

News app maker has easy to use interface

Make Multilingual Chat Apps

You can take advantage of the global market’s openness and ripeness. Your app is missing out on an enormous portion of the market if it is only available in English.

A multilingual news app created with Shoutem’s  News App Maker can help your business reach a global audience. We highly recommend using this feature when you get bigger within your industry.

No Code Development

There is no coding required to develop an instant messaging app with Shoutem’s news app building tool.

Adding as many features as you want to your app is a breeze thanks to the platform’s unique drag-and-drop interface. Time and money are saved as a result of this method.

News Apps FAQ

How can I create a news app?

With Shoutem, this process is a piece of cake; using our no-code solutions, we provide you with a quick and easy way to create your own successful news app in the blink of an eye.

Simply follow our pre-made steps and watch your new app take over the market.

How much does a news app cost?

This truly depends on how far you want to go with your app. Using our approach, you can build your app for free in your trial period, but you’ll have a far larger following and more satisfied customers if you spend a little money on it and give it the attention it deserves. Our subscription prices go from $59 to $189.

How do I create a news feed app on Android?

You can create an account on our platform, pay the additional subscription fee, and we will walk you through the entire process, code and worry-free.