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Shoutem’s no-code app development platform allows beginners with no coding knowledge to create beautiful, user-friendly apps in days. Learn how!

How Do Drag-and-Drop App Builders Work?

Drag-and-drop app builders make it possible for anyone to build their own app without needing to write a single line of code.
No-code app builders provide app templates pre-loaded with common app screens, like ‘About,’ ‘Events,’ and ‘Newsfeed,’ plus several additional others that you can add to customize your app. Users simply open the feature menu, click the screens or app features they’d like their app to include, and literally drag and drop the features in place into the app’s navigation.
This approach to app development simplifies every step of the process, making it possible for users to create their own totally customized and branded apps in less time, and at significantly lower costs.

How to Create an App Without Coding

Our simple 4-step process has made Shoutem a leading no-code mobile app development platform. We provide more options, templates, and app-designing elements than most other no-code mobile application creator tools. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Select a Pre-Built App Template

Shoutem app templates offer versatile functionality to create the app your organization needs. It is professionally designed with an intuitive user interface and all of the most popular app features already built for you to include. If you’re feeling inspired, though, you can always create your own design from scratch as well!

App builder dashboard

Step 2: Customize Your App Design

Remember, you don’t need to know how to code to customize your Shoutem mobile app. Just modify the design of your app by selecting from a variety of fonts, colors, navigation tools, images, and other features within the app. Keep your brand and target audience in mind as you make your app layout and design selections to ensure the features you pick are geared toward users’ preferences.

Mobile App Maker - Create your mobile apps

Step 3: Launch and Beta-Test Your App

After you’ve customized your template and imported your app content, you’re almost done! At this point, your app has essentially reached the MVP (minimum viable product) stage. This is a great time to do some quality assurance testing to verify app functionality, basic features, and real-time operations. The good news is, with Shoutem, beta-testing is a breeze. Our built-in app preview tools allows you to preview and test your app design as you go!

app mockup loyalty

Step 4: Go Live with Confidence

When you’re happy with the way your app looks and functions, it’s time to go live! And again, the Shoutem team is here to help. We’ll review your app one final time, making sure all required metadata is ready for the app store, then submit your app to the iOS (Apple App Store) and/or Android (Google Play Store) app stores for free.


App Development Software with Cross-Device Functionality

With Shoutem, you can create one app that offers a seamless experience for both iPhone and Android users.
Seem impossible? Shoutem’s app development software stands out for its cross-device functionality, offering a seamless experience for both iPhone and Android app makers. With this platform, you create once and deploy everywhere, ensuring your app functions flawlessly on iOS and Android devices. This compatibility eliminates the need for separate development processes for each platform, saving time and resources while reaching a broader audience.

Pre-Built & Customizable App Templates

Shoutem’s no-code app builder offers several high quality pre-built app templates to kickstart your app building journey.
app mockup church

Religious/Church App

app mockup school

School app

app mockup radio

Radio app

podcast app mockup

Podcast app

app mockup product

Products app

app mockup news

News app

app mockup events

Events app

app mockup tourism

Tourism app

app mockup social

Social network app

app mockup loyalty

Loyalty app


Discover Why Shoutem is the Best No-Code App Builder

Easy to Use No-Code Development Platform

Organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a great app idea can use Shoutem Builder without any coding skills at all. Our cloud-based platform can be used online with no special software downloads, and offers several pre-built templates and near-limitless customization options to make them your own. Utilize drag-and-drop functionality to add the features you want, where you want them. Finally, test your app design right from the builder with real-time app previews as you build.

Wide-Spanning App Functionalities & Capability

From hospitality and tourism to education and non-profits, there’s hardly a use case that Shoutem can’t handle. Our versatile templates include many of the same popular features seen in top-ranking corporate apps. Your users will be able to use your Shoutem-built app offline, without Internet or WiFi connection. Plus, Shoutem apps are cross-functional, meaning that the one app you create will work on both Android and iOS devices.

Clearly, Shoutem can handle even the most diverse app requirements.

Publish in Days, Not Months or Years

Traditional mobile app development takes several months—and that’s at the minimum. With Shoutem, the longest portion of your native app development process will probably be your decision to start your Shoutem trial.

From there, your initial app template will be created in moments, ready for you to customize within our mobile app builder tool—and potentially publish within just days.

Reliable Platform Support & Resources

Our users aren’t mobile app developers—and that’s intentional. We expect to help you through your app development process, and we’re fully prepared to do so.

Whenever you have questions about your app or the app builder tool, you can reach out to one of several support resources. Our comprehensive online knowledge base is built out with several full series of video tutorials and step-by-step guides. Shoutem users love engaging in our user community for peer-to-peer assistance and knowledge sharing. And for the most challenging or unique scenarios, users can always reach out via email for personalized support.

Low Pricing Supports Business Growth

Shoutem’s cost-effective pricing structure is particularly beneficial for small businesses and startups that might otherwise never be able to access a custom app. With Shoutem, even the smallest entities can create their own apps, aiding in their growth and scalability over time.

Explore Shoutem’s Top-Rated App Features

The best apps provide an array of tools that provide value to users and meet their needs—and our catalog of pre-built app features is bursting with tools that can do just that. Take a look at just some of the most well-loved features that you can use within your Shoutem app:
  • Monetization Features

    Run banner ads, enable in-app purchases, offer tiered app subscriptions, and more. Shoutem offers several ways to monetize your app and create an additional revenue stream for your organization.
  • New User Onboarding

    Introduce new app users to your app and its features through a series of step-by-step app tutorial screens upon first login. Showcasing the benefits and functionality your app provides from the start will increase engagement and user retention.
  • Push Notifications

    Promote engagement by alerting users to anything new and exciting going on in your app or organization. Push notifications to individuals, groups, or all users at specific times or scheduled intervals.
  • Social Media Features

    Allow users to post images and videos to a news feed, browse other user profiles, message their friends, and build connections. Shoutem offers several pre-built functionalities for users to be social with others.
  • Blog/News Feed

    Publish long-form content, like blogs or media releases, for app users to always stay informed on current news and initiatives. Or, post shorter in-the-moment updates using a news feed publishing format.
  • Vast Integration Suite

    Use pre-built integrations to connect your Shoutem app with the other platforms you use. From WordPress to YouTube to iCal and more, your Shoutem app will connect and communicate across several web applications using APIs.
  • User Registration & Management

    Enable user profile creation, then manage individual app users’ access levels. Offer premium access on a paid subscription basis, and review user engagement from your app dashboard.
  • Event Calendars

    Publish all of the details of your upcoming events and initiatives in an easily browsable format. Use RSVP and ticket reservation/purchasing capabilities to gauge crowds in advance of your events.
  • App Usage & Loyalty

    Use loyalty punch card features to promote and track app usage or organizational engagement, then offer badges, rewards, or other incentives to your most frequent customers and clients.

No-Code App Builders Beat Traditional App Development

Cost Effective Solution

Traditional app development costs range from $40,000 to more than $500,000, depending on the complexity of the app.

With no-code app builders, you utilize pre-built templates and features with pre-built customization options. Through this combination of options, you can bring your app vision to life for just a few hundred dollars per year, avoiding the exorbitant costs of custom app development.

In testing, you’ll find that apps built from scratch by expert development teams and apps built with pre-existing templates will both work. So why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars more?

Faster Go-To-Market

Time is your most costly resource. With pre-built modules and templates of a no-code solution, you avoid wasting precious time by building, testing, fixing, and retesting feature after feature.

Shoutem’s no-code application builder essentially allows users to automate your app creation, reach an MVP (minimum viable product), and publish to the app store in days. Using pre-built app elements means that they’ve been used, tested, and optimized to provide the best user experience. The result: Your Shoutem-built app will be published to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store faster, and your organization can start benefitting sooner.

Manage Your App Yourself

Need to add a new feature to your app, or update specific sections of existing app content? If you’re working with an app development team, you’ll probably have high-cost monthly retainer fees for that.

Not the case with no-code tools. With Shoutem’s user-friendly platform, you’re in direct control of app maintenance, backend updates, connecting new RSS data sources, and publishing updates—all for no additional cost beyond your existing Shoutem subscription. Using a no-code app builder streamlines every step of the app development process—including ongoing app maintenance.

mobile app builder
mobile app builder
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