Payment App Builder: Make a P2P Payment App

Integrate your app with WordPress or Shopify, or even embed your whole website to create a payment app for your products.

Create your Payment App with Shoutem

Create a P2P Payment App in 4 steps

Building a secure payment apps for Android and iOS without coding!
Create a Payment app in 4 steps
1. Pick a template

Choose a template that suits your needs the best

2. App layout

Set a navigation bar and determine app design

3. Install features

Search and install features for your app

4. Publish

Hit a publish button and let our team do the publishing

Fourt smartphones with different mobile apps

Features inside payment gateway apps


Integrate with your WordPress, Shopify and many more.

Custom layout

You can create your own shoping and cart experience during the checkout process.

Security & Privacy

With cloud-based technologies, payment security and user privacy are more secure then ever
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Why Shoutem?

Use no-code solution to create P2P payment applications that will be available on both Google Play and Apple Store.

  • Drag-and-drop features
  • Email support
  • Writen and video tutorials
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Photo-Sharing App builder


Determine Your Target Audience

Are you a CVB, looking to showcase your region to new travelers? Or a travel agency looking to promote destinations around the world?


Do Some Competitor & Market Research

Find out what other organizations like yours are doing. Download their apps and check out what they provide … then think about what you could do better.


Open Shoutem’s Travel App Template

Create a foundation for your travel app in minutes, complete with the most popular travel app features already built in, with our pre-built travel app template.


Add and Customize App Content

Upload images, content, events, bios, and more. Plug in RSS feeds to instantly integrate news images, videos, and podcasts. Set your preferences for how menus should look.


Publish and Promote Your App

Preview and approve your app directly within the Builder platform and click ‘Publish.’ Our expert team will jump in to handle the publishing process for you!

Payment has now switched online. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and similar apps are quickly replacing physical cards.

If you want to get into the payment app world, but don’t know where to start, we got you.

With the Shoutem app builder, anyone can make a payment app. See below for more details on this code-free, intuitive platform.

How To Build a P2P Payment Application In 3 Easy Steps

Choose a Template

Instead of building everything from scratch, Shoutem offers pre-made templates that best suit your needs.

Add Build-In Features

Once you choose your template, simply drag and drop the features to it.

Upload It To The Online Apps Store

Click on the Upload button and our team will make sure your app gets on the app store.

Why Should You Create a Payment App Using Shoutem

Easy To Build And Manage

Pre-made templates, features and no-code allow you to build the app even if you’re a total beginner. 

No Commission

When making your own app with Shoutem, you don’t have to worry about commissions.  

Push Notifications

Inform the users about reminders, pending payments or rewards via push notifications.  

Usage Analytics

It’s essential to make usage analytics frequently so you can improve the user experience.

Monetization Set Up

Set up your monetization technique immediately. It could be anything from pop-up ads to interactive videos.  

Interactive UI Designs

Customize your app any way you want with our interactive UI design. 

Good Features For Payment App Builder

Good Features To Have in Payment App

Payment Gateways

You’ll be able to add multiple payment gateways to your app. This will appeal to the users because it will make the app multi-functional.  

Reward Facility

To engage users more, create some sort of reward system. This could be cash points, shopping points or travel tickets. 

Peer-to-Peer Payment Processing

Enable this feature for easier money transfer among users. Instead of repetitively entering the account number, users should be able to transfer money to their peers with just a few clicks.

Budget Analysis

This may be additional, but we highly recommend adding this feature. It’s frequently used and loved among users, and thus, will give your app more credibility.  

Contactless Technology

Since apps eliminate the need for physical cards, it’s essential for the app to use technology like QR or NFC.

Social Sharing

Sometimes users want to share what they spent money on, like concert tickets or paying of their student loans. Enable them to do so with quick action buttons. 

Payments On The Go

The payment app basically can replace half of the user’s wallet. Make sure it’s intuitive and easy to use. 

Bonus: 5 Best Payment Gateways in the Market Right Now


Most frequently used payment gateway in the world. It’s quick, easy and can be used for business and friendly transactions. 


Stipe is designed for businesses and it helps them customize their business transactions. Apparently, it handles billions of dollars in transactions annually.  

Apple Pay

Apple Pay was one of the first payment gateways out there. To this day it’s still quite popular and easy to use. 

Amazon Pay

A relatively new payment gateway that is quickly gaining popularity because of its innovative features.  

Google Pay

An alternative to Apple Pay, Google Pay is distinguished by its ease of use and simple design.

P2P Payment App Builder FAQ

How do I build a mobile payment system?

You can create your own payment app using Shoutem. Shoutem is a code-free, intuitive platform that helps you build an app of your choosing without any previous app-building knowledge.   

How to create your own payment gateway for free?

With Shoutem, there is a free trial period that you can use to create your own payment gateway for free. Additionally, they offer three subscription options, the lowest one costing only $59.

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