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Create a tourism app

To grow your business: present and promote your services, communicate with your clients, and keep your users current with content and updates through the app with Shoutem Mobile App Builder.

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Provide your users with an easy-to-use planner

Ensure all relevant user information is in one place: location and accommodation details, transport and venues, tickets and experiences.


Feature local events and engage users with push notifications

Improve customer loyalty and engagement by providing information-rich content, deals, and travel ideas.

offline feature

Extend your application’s value with offline functionality

Make your app stand out with offline maps, downloadable content, and custom features.

mobile app builder zadar bike magic app
mobile app builder zadar bike magic mobile app
Zadar Bike Magic
  • Info, geolocation data and maps on nearly 100 bike trails and routes in Zadar region
  • Events and service information for tourists and hobbists
  • App is built with premade components and custom extensions

The app helped us to target specific user groups and stand out from competitors. Since we have navigation maps within our app, the offline feature was very useful for us.

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