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Cannabis brands experience a 40% increase in cart volume with mobile app

What can a user expect from Smoke AFM app?

What are the main features of the Smoke AFM mobile app?
  • Shop
    Product categorization, information, and seamless ordering
  • News Feed
    Sharing experience through posting images, likes, and comments
  • Limited edition products
    Get new products available only within the app
  • Exclusive sales & discounts
    Enjoy exclusive sales & discounts on the products
  • Push notifications
    Be the first to purchase limited products, and find out about sales
Brands experience a 25% increased conversion rate when compared to web browser

Ordering flow with Smoke AFM

App solution for Shopify stores

With Shoutem and Shopify, get
  • App Design
    Creating user experience with easy app flow
  • Product Listing
    Listing all your products just as same as at your website
  • Scheduled Delivery
    Ordering system that will allow you a next-day delivery
  • App publishing
    Preparing your cannabis app for both App Store and Google Play
  • App Growth
    Important keywords, strong visuals and straightforward communication

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