Shoutem vs AppInstitute

Here’s what makes Shoutem the best app builder on the market

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Why use Shoutem instead of AppInstitute?

Side-by-side comparison of most important features

  • Native view

    Use all the native smartphone functionalities in our app simulator that is presenting you the app view like the real one.
  • Open-source

    Each app is different. Take the code our developers made and customize it for your business needs.
  • Build app from scratch or templates

    No one can fully know what feaures and content your app needs. Predefined templates are great but each must have an option to build an app from 0.
  • Turn-key platform

    Shoutem Pro offers you an option where you can give it all to us. Research, app design, features and content import with our builder, app publishing. And, guess what – app growth!
  • Features inline with trends

    When the social media entered each home, we decided to develop a Social Wall features, where your users can write, like and comment on posts.
  • App publishing

    Shoutem has a special Publishing team so you don’t have to worry about Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store.

  • Web-based view

    Bad looking apps, not having that “real-feel” with added features, slow layout updating are just some of the reasons web-view is not popular any more.
  • No open code

    AppInstitutes’ code is protected and only way to customize the features is within the builder.
  • Templates-made apps only

    Templates are great, but not for every app. In case you need a unique app that will stand out from the crowd, you must go with the one that will serve your brand and is made just for your business needs..
  • DIY platform

    There are two options – either you create your own app by yourself, or AppInstitute creates a custom app for you. Get-to-know the platform is a bit complicated, and custom app development is expensive.
  • Mainstream features only

    Blog posts, about section and mainstream mobile navigation are just a normal features nowadays. We want likes and comments, images and visuals!
  • App creating only

    DIY tools are cool, but why should you do everything by yourself? Not all people are tech-savy.
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Why AppInstitute clients switch to Shoutem

We maintain strong relationships as a trusted mobile app builder with thousands of partners

Best Online App Builder for Android & iOS Apps

Fresh design & app layouts

Shoutem features and design layouts are in line with new design trends.

Don’t worry about migrating your app from another app-building platform. Shoutem Pro team made migrations easy! Our hands-on integration support will ensure you get up and running in no time.

Local app builder: Make your local app

Award-winning Support team

Our support teams are dedicated to answering your query. With their deep wealth of experience and knowledge, there’s little they haven’t seen before. And we match support to your business hours, no matter where you’re based.

Don’t have time to do it yourself?
Hire our team to create your app with Shoutem Pro

shoutem mobile app development
Send us a brief or specification

We will get in touch with you and collect all specification required to build your app

See design prototype before you approve it

Let our design team create a prototype of your app in Shoutem builder and you will get to approve each phase before we start building an app

We build and publish your app

Our experienced team will build your app in the shortest time possible on Shoutem’s platform and have it published on iOS and Andriod store

You get free maintenance for life

Shoutem will provide you with updates that keep up with new technology to make sure your app is avaliable to everyone. For free.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I build an app for free?

Shoutem provides you with a 14-days free trial where you can build your app without entering any credit card information, risk-free. If you decide to go with Shoutem app maker, we will take care of the app publishing process for you – both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Can you make an app for me?

Tell us about your dream app, and we will make it happen. Depending on the app’s requirements, we can create one using Shoutem app builder and premade features (that is wallet-friendly and make within a couple of days), or we can develop one for you.

What if I need more features?

Yes! If you see that your business apps require a feature that our app builder doesn’t have premade, our Development team will take care of that right after we hop on a quick call to see what are the app needs. It is easy as that.

Is there a reseller option?

Specifically designed for no-code startups, Shoutem Resellers are the best option for creating and selling apps without using any code. The reseller option is completely white-label so the dashboard is made with your brand colors and logo.


Your apps success is our priority

“Great experience, customer service is always responsive and polite. Very knowledgeable staff help us get started and ongoing development support has been great.”

— George Silberberg, MyServices

Small business Local app Shopping
“We are so thrilled to finally be able to create an app to run all activities for our school and communicate with students and their parents in one place.”

— Joel Adelsköld, Principal at JENNY Skol

School Education University
“Offline mode (navigation maps work without internet connection) was the most useful app feature that we needed, and Shoutem had it. ”

Ricardo Čerljenko, Zadar Bike Magic

Touristic Sport Maps

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