Add Moderators to Your App

As Shoutem’s reseller, you have special access to the Moderators tab in Settings where you can add users to moderate your app, ie. access it, add screens, publish it, and more.

Go to Settings → Moderators and click + Add moderator to create the login access.

addin moderators to app

Once you click on this button, a modal window will open where you will be able to add an email of a moderator, create a password they will use to log in and select if you’d like us to email this information (their login credentials) to them.

how to add moderator mobile app

This moderator will then be able to log into your white-label dashboard with the credentials you have created for them, however, they will not be able to create new apps – they will be able to manage only the ones you have added them to as a moderator.

By default, this is what a moderator can do with the app:

  • add new screens and remove existing ones
  • add new content
  • change layouts
  • change the theme of the app and customize it
  • access analytics
  • create and send push notifications
  • preview the app
  • create screenshots

Wiht that being said, moderators will be able to access only four out of six tabs – Screens, Style, Analytics, and Push. However, you can choose to enable two more options – metadata access (App info and Store metadata in Settings) and the ability to publish the app.

To enable these options for a moderator, go to the list of moderators for the app in question (Settings → Moderators) and enable Can edit metadata and Can publish.

list of app moderators

Can purchase should be enabled in case you haven’t already purchased a subscription for this app (note: purchasing is completed free of charge for resellers as you will already have a monthly or yearly subscription for the unlimited number of apps). By enabling this option, your moderator will be able to activate a subscription plan for this app on your behalf and with that, Can publish will automatically be enabled too.

If you will need more information about how moderators work, don’t hesitate to reach out at