Facebook Integration part ll. – Creating a Facebook App

Next step is entering app’s data from the app builder inside the Facebook app that we just created on the Facebook Developers website.

App’s data is stored in the builder Settings -> App info -> Advanced information section.

facebook mobile app

Setting up integration platforms

We will need to set up several fields separately for Android platform and iOS platform through Quickstart tutorial provided by Facebook.

settings facebook

iOS platform

The tutorial has 9 steps, and most of them we will skip by clicking on the Next button except for the following steps:

Step 2. Add your Bundle Identifier
Copy iPhone Bundle ID from Advanced information section in the builder and Save.

Step 3. Enable Single Sign On for Your App
Leave this option enabled and continue with Next

When you reach the last step, scroll up to the beginning and switch to the Android platform.

mobile app builder facebook

Android platform

The tutorial has 10 steps, and most of them will be skipped as well except for the followings steps:

Step 3. Tell Us about Your Android Project
– Package name: 
Copy Android package name from Advanced information section in the builder
– Default Activity Class Name: Copy Android class name as well from the Advanced information section

*If your app is not live yet, this alert will pop up after you click on Save button. Simply click on Use this package name and continue.

google play package name

Step 4. Add Your Development and Release Key Hashes
Copy Android key hash from Advanced information section, Save and Continue

Step 5. Enable Single Sign On for Your App
Leave this option enabled and continue with Next

Last final important step

Once you have completed both tutorials, you need to change your app’s status from Development to Live in the top right corner as displayed on the image.

facebook app setup

If your app is already live in Stores, we’ll need to resubmit the app or Facebook login feature will not work. In that case, don’t forget to contact Shoutem Support!