How Do I Install Extensions to My App?

As you probably know, you can extend your Shoutem app by writing an extension. Extensions are, like plugins in WordPress, custom-written software modules that can be installed in your app to extend its functionality.

All Shoutem features are extensions

All Shoutem features are basically developed as extensions. If you have News or Photos or Analytics features in your app, they are extensions. The Shoutem app dashboard comes installed with some basic extensions (like News, Photos, Places) which are immediately available for use. 
Thirdparty extensions
Thirdparty users can implement their own extensions. Write one on your own, or (coming soon!), purchase or find free extensions in our Extension Marketplace
Click Extensions (left sidebar) to access the Marketplace. You’ll see a list of the extensions you already have installed. 

mobile app builder

To add a new one, click the + (plus sign) icon at the top of the list:

extension marketplace

My Extensions
Click My Extensions to see the list of extensions you’ve developed. 

how to set extensions

Creating custom extensions
If you’d like to write your own, our Getting Started Guide will teach you the basic concepts of Shoutem extensions. It will also give you a brief introduction to React Native, a JavaScript framework for writing native mobile apps Shoutem uses for extensions. 
If you have some ideas for extending your app but don’t have developers on your team, contact us. We have a specialty team for custom extension development. They’ll be happy to jump in.
Once a custom extension is uploaded for your app, it will be listed under
My Extensions:

installing app extension