How to obtain Youtube API key for use with your Shoutem app

In order to import your YouTube videos in Shoutem app, you will need your Youtube API key. Here is how to obtain it:

Create a project in Google dev console

Log in to YouTube/Google with the credentials you use for your Youtube videos.

Go to Google dev console

Click select a project

Youtube API key

In the modal window that opens, click the “plus” icon to create a new project

Youtube API key

Name the project, eg. “Youtube project”, and click “Create”

Youtube API key

Enable the YouTube API

Make sure you are on the project page, and click “Enable APIS and Services”

Youtube API key

Click “YouTube Data API”

Youtube API key

Click “Enable”

Youtube API key

Now in the right menu click “Credentials”

Youtube API key

From “Create credentials” menu, select “API key”

Youtube shoutem

The modal window “API key created” will pop. Copy the key

api key shoutem

Copy your API key to your Shoutem Youtube extensions settings

In your Shoutem app dashboard click “Extensions” > “Media” > “Youtube.”

In the “Settings” tab paste your ¬†Youtube API key and save.

mobile app builder youtube

This is it. Your app is now set for your youtube feeds.