Onboarding Extension

Onboard your users by providing a quick tour of the app upon the first launch.

If you are building an app for various occasions and many content types and functionalities, you will want to use our Onboarding extension to guide users through your app’s core features.

Note that onboarding pages will be displayed only on the app’s first launch and won’t repeat again later.

Install Onboarding extension

The Onboarding extension is not pre-installed, so you’ll have to install it first. To do so, go to Extensions → click the + button → search for Onboarding → once you find it, click Install.

This feature doesn’t have a screen that you can add to your app, but it needs to be configured in Settings → Onboarding. Here you should enable the feature and upload graphics that you’d like your onboarding to display, along with the text.

Onboarding settings page

Open your app in the builder, navigate to the Settings page from the left bar menu, and select Onboarding under Extensions settings. By default, the feature will be disabled so you will need to enable it first.

Your onboarding can have up to 10 pages! Each page has the following options in the settings: 

  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Text position – available top, middle and bottom
  • Background image – required size 1080x19210px, only static .png images are supported
  • Featured image – required size 300x300px, only static .png images are supported

At the moment, all fields are mandatory except for the featured image, however, if you’d like to omit a text, you can add a few blank spaces in text fields. If you would like to delete one of the pages or all of them, simply click the delete icon in the upper right corner and the page will be deleted from the sequence.

After making changes to your onboarding pages, do not forget to save those by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Here is the onboarding in action:

For already published apps only!

If your app is already published in both app stores, after installing and setting up the Onboarding feature, please contact our Support team to resubmit your app. Simple republish will not be sufficient and most likely will cause crashing issues.

If you’d like us to take over the whole app building process and help you create an app with our onboarding feature, take a look at our Shoutem PRO.

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