Permissions Extension

Change rationale for iOS and Android permissions.

Permission requests are necessary so that your app can gain access to your camera, microphone, photos, and more for certain functionalities such as an upload of the photo on the wall or the profile, for video calls, proximity-triggered notifications, etc. App permission requests pop up only the first time an app needs access to sensitive hardware or data on your phone and are usually privacy-related.

permissions popup

For that reason, we’ve enabled the extension that will allow you to edit your permission rationales. To start editing, go to Settings → Extensions Settings → Permissions.

permission settings

Download the example and insert the desired permission types and rationales in the grey box, eg. permission to access the calendar on iOS.

"ios.permission.CALENDARS": "Save events on the device's calendar."

Make sure to save the changes and inform us that you have changed the permission strings so that we can resubmit your app to the stores.

A few tips:

  • stick to the original formatting
  • make sure to input valid text
  • don’t add any other permission rationales other than the ones from the example file

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