Push Notifications Feature

Our Push notifications feature allows you to broadcast messages to users’ devices. These messages aren’t the same as traditional text messages, and users choose to receive them when they download and install your app.

Common use-case for push notifications are announcements, news about app/feature updates, or any other messages that would apply to your users and their interests.

You can access the push notification interface from the Push section in the app builder as displayed on the following image.

set Push Notifications

From there, you will be able to send notifications.

Scheduling manual push notifications

From this interface, you can send out manual messages to your users. When you click on Create new button, the following notification settings will be opened

scheduling Push Notifications

URL or Screen

  • URL:
    • URL to open: a URL that will be sent out with your push notification. Once the user taps the notification on the device, it will open this URL in the in-app browser
  • Screen:
    • Choose a screen from the content you added to the menu in the Design section, you wish to open when a user clicks on the notification

If you don’t want to use any of these options, leave it blank and continue editing your notification.


  • All: Send to all users
  • Group: Send to a specific push group you created in the Notification groups section


  • Title of the notification
  • Shouldn’t be longer than 45 characters


  • A message that will be displayed within the push notification. Note that you may include a message that contains up to 147 characters.

Delivery date and time

  • Now
  • Scheduled: Send out a notification at a specific date and time

Notification groups

To be able to send notifications to a targeted audience, you should create a few Notification groups in the Push section under Notification Groups.

Push Notifications setup

Once you created a few groups, you should add Group settings screen to your app so your users can see all your groups and subscribe to one or more per their preference.

Adding Group settings screen

Go to the Screens section in the builder, click on the plus button to open all available screens, under Users section when you hover Notifications block, click on Group settings screen to add it in the app’s content.

set Push Notifications

Notification center screen

  • This screen will list your notification’s history but keep in mind that each notification is visible for 30 days on the list, then it disappears from the Notification Center

In case you have any questions about this module, feel free to contact us at support@shoutem.com.