Shopify Integration

In case you already have a webshop based on the Shopify, this integration should be an effortless process. In case you are about to create your first web shop for your mobile app, we definitely recommend going down the Shopify route.

Adding products to Shopify collections

To integrate your shop with the Shoutem app, add your products to collections in Shopify. They are located in the Products section:

shopify integration

The second step is to go to the Screens section. Click on “+” to add a new screen. Then navigate to the Commerce section, where you will find a Shopify extension:

add shopify

Shopify API key

Visit this link in order to create your private Shopify app:

Follow these steps to obtain the API key:

shopify api key

Copy the  API key:


Integrate your private Shopify app with your Shoutem mobile app

In Shoutem screens, open the general settings for your Shopify shop and copy the access token there with  your Shopify store URL (e.g.

shopify setup

After you click the Save button, all the collections you added to the Shopify store is visible as your Shop content inside the app builder. Here you can check any of collections you want to use in your app.

shopify mobile app setup

Preview your Shopify shop in your mobile app

Click the Preview Here button. Items will be shown on the Preview screen.  In addition, choose the layout in which to present these items.

shopify setup app

Click the top menu to see the list of all the collections you added to the app:

shop app
shop app
shopify in mobile app builder
shopify in mobile app builder

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