WordPress Integration

Our WordPress plugin allows you to easily integrate your WordPress based site with your app. This means you can easily import your posts from your WordPress instance, into your mobile app.

Integrate your WordPress site with Shoutem

If you are using an older version of WordPress, you will need to update it to a minimum 4.4 in order to be able to integrate it with your Shoutem based app.

If you are using  Wordpress version 4.4 to 4.7 Рinstall this plugin before continuing.

If you are using  Wordpress 4.8 or newer, you can skip the plugin installation.

Click “+” icon next to screens and choose “WordPress.” Paste your WordPress link and click “Continue”

wordpress application

In few seconds, you will see your WordPress posts in the content section below.

 wordpress app integration

Change the layout of your WordPress content in the app

Now click “Layout” tab, and change the layout of list and detail screen to your liking.

wordpress setup in app

Preview the WordPress content in the app

Your WordPress site is now integrated with your app. Click the “preview” button to see how it looks.

wordpress content in application