WordPress Integration

Our WordPress extension allows you to easily integrate articles from your WordPress-based site into your app.

If you are using an older version of WordPress, you will need to upgrade it to at least 4.4 for integration to work. If you are using WordPress version 4.4 to 4.7 install this plugin before continuing. Versions 4.8 (+) don’t need this plugin.

Add WordPress to your app

Go to Screens → press the + button → search WordPress in a pop-up window → click on it to add it as one of the screens.

wordpress integration

In the Settings page you can add URL to your website. Once that is done, press Continue and you will see the list of the most recent articles.

adding wordpress pages

You can change the layout of this screen in Layout tab.


New! You can now add WordPress articles by category URL.

categorize urls in wordpress app

To be able to do this, each article needs to be assigned to the category. Category URL doesn’t have to exist on the site – it can be typed out, as long as the post is assigned properly. The example we have used is the Shoutem blog.

Here’s how this extension looks like in the app:

wordpress app

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