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No-Code Music App Development with Unlimited Potential

Building mobile apps has never been this easy! Shoutem’s no-code app builder lets you build your own mobile app to share music with the masses.

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Build Your Own Music App in 4 Steps:

If you had thought that building a music app would be difficult, think again!
Check out the following simple 4-step process for creating your own app.

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Step 1: Select the Music App Template

Shoutem’s music app templates are perfect for customizing and building your own music app. With a user-friendly builder tool and designed-for-you templates, you’ll never lack for style. Each template is clean, modern, and perfect for audio experiences of any kind. And if you’re feeling inspired, you can always create your own design from scratch as well!

Step 2: App Design & Customization

Make the app your own with customizations ranging from colors and fonts to images and navigation tools. Each choice helps to maximize the user experience for your audience, ensuring it is user-friendly and beautiful at the same time. Our app layout designs are already developed with UX design best practices in mind, so all that’s left for you is to focus on making your new app look great.

Step 3: Launch and Beta-Test Your App

Shoutem helps you get your app off the ground fast. Our built-in app preview tool allows you to preview your app design as you go. Using pre-built templates and features that have already been tested and approved keeps things moving, helping you launch a minimum viable product (MVP) and beta test it quickly.

Step 4: Go Live with Confidence

All ready? Going live is especially easy with the Shoutem team on your side. We’ll review your app one final time, making sure all required metadata is ready for the app store, then submit your app to the iOS (Apple App Store) and/or Android (Google Play Store) app stores for free.

Must-Have App Features for All Types of Music Apps

If you want to compete with the successful music apps that already exist – think Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud – then you’ll need features that help you do that. Shoutem’s music app builder gives you that competitive edge. Check it out.
  • Playlists

    Allow listeners to curate their own playlists and music libraries and share them with others, which can both spark and solidify friendships.
  • Push Notifications

    Send push notifications when a user’s favorite DJ is about to go on the air, target push notifications to new users, let people know when new music drops, and more.
  • Quick Search

    Enables users to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for with a simplified search function to look for new music, podcasts, and more.
  • Social Sharing

    Let listeners share favorite songs, albums, or artists with family, friends, and others easily, promoting your app to the world without even realizing it.
  • Play Offline

    Enable listeners to download and play their music offline so they can take your app with them literally anywhere they go.
  • User Profile Pages

    Create individual user profiles with images, bios, favorite musicians and lyrics, and so on, allowing people to both express themselves and browse other user profiles.
  • AutoPlay Screen

    Give your users an uninterrupted music experience with autoplay screen functionality that lets them listen to songs or podcasts back to back.
  • Music Player

    Make basic music playing functionality – start, pause, skip, et cetera – easier than ever before with our seamless music player interface.
  • Monetization Strategies

    Make money from your app through subscription access to favorite tracks, premium channels, paid merchandise, downloadable songs, and other strategies to make your business model profitable.

Types of Music Apps to Create With Shoutem

What kind of music app can you create using Shoutem? A better question is what can’t you create. Here are a few of our favorites.
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  • Music Sharing Apps
    A music-sharing app specializes in helping to distribute and share music content via a variety of channels. Listeners can enjoy music tracks, albums, or podcasts directly in your app as well as advertise them to the world through social media, share buttons, and more.
  • Podcast Applications
    Podcasts are hugely popular, and demand for them is going nowhere. Podcast apps focus on finding new podcasts, providing recommendations, and notifying your target audience about newly released episodes so you can make use of that popularity.
  • Music Streaming Apps
    Audio streaming apps allow you to leverage popular music on your app. Act as a music streaming service to share the latest and greatest from the music streaming industry with your users.
  • Portable Music Apps

    Now listeners can take their music players with them wherever they go, even if there’s no internet, WiFi, or streaming capability. With the perfect mix of cloud storage and playback capability, Shoutem offers your users a seamless experience.
  • Radio Apps

    Radio stations are far from dead … but they are transitioning to an online music model. Build an app that can stream audio from the internet and access a variety of radio stations, and listeners will love you for it.

Why Choose Shoutem for Music Streaming App Development

So what are the advantages of opting to create an app without coding with Shoutem? Here are four of the most important.
  • No Coding Knowledge Needed

    So you don’t know Java or Python – who cares? With the tech stack and frameworks provided by Shoutem, startup is swift and easy without any coding knowledge, giving you a functional app in as little as one day. Join the legions of Shoutem users who have created amazing apps using our no-code app-building platform.
  • Easy Onboarding Process

    With several video tutorials available and a huge knowledge base on hand offering step-by-step guidance, you’ll have no trouble creating a music app that works.
  • Trusted by Thousands

    Thousands of users have so far created high-quality music, streaming, and podcast apps using Shoutem. It’s fast, flexible, and favorably reviewed by its users, who love the fast startup and bug-free user experience.
  • Expert Guidance When You Need It

    We understand: no matter how simple an interface is, you’re still going to have questions sometimes. Never fear, the Shoutem Support Team is available to answer any questions. For specialized assistance, they can even create your app for you for an additional cost.

Music App Creation FAQ

Can I create my own music app?

Yes, it’s both possible and super easy to create your own music app with Shoutem’s no-code app builder tool. This means you can have the app you want, without hiring an expensive app development company to make it happen. We offer pre-built app templates and app features, including offline mode, streaming, monetization options, and more. From the USA to the rest of the globe, Shoutem is here to meet your app creation needs.

How much does it cost to start a music app?

Shoutem is free to try for 14 days. After that, users pay a low monthly cost, which covers publishing your app to the Apple or Android app store. Compared to hiring a full development team, Shoutem’s preprogrammed features are easy to use and very cost-effective.

Can I make a music streaming application for free?

Shoutem’s 14-day free trial is the perfect opportunity to try out our drag-and-drop functionality and build your app in a snap. When it’s ready to launch, just sign up for a low-cost annual or month-to-month payment plan, and we’ll help you get your app launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How do you make a song app?

Shoutem’s no-code app builder platform employs a user-friendly builder tool to help you get competitive in the music streaming market and its many algorithms. It offers drag-and-drop functionality and an entire library of pre-built app features that can be placed in your app, then modified to your liking. Making edits in this “backend” platform is far easier than coding an entire solution yourself in HTML, Java, or Python.

If you’ve always wanted to create that music app, but haven’t been sure where to start, now is the time and Shoutem is the solution.

mobile app builder Shoutem PRO app development
mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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