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Create a Music App

Create your own Music App for Android and iOS

Building mobile apps was never this easy! Show your favorite music on a mobile app!

Create your own Music App for Android and iOS

How To Make a Music App?

Follow these 4 easy steps to build a Music app
How To Make a Music App?
Pick a template

Use one of our templates, or choose a blank app


Choose a design layout and start with an app


Select wanted features and use them in app


Change colors you wish and publish an app

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mobile app builder 30A mobile app radio by shoutem

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mobile app buildermobile app builder

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mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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Build Amazing Music Application

Regardless of what you need, Shoutem is a one-stop-shop mobile app builder for all things app development. Many various development features may be found in Shoutems Music App builder and they are all user-customizable.

To increase the number of people who hear and subscribe to your billions of songs and other audio content, utilize Shoutem’s Music App Builder. To find out how to ring your app idea to reality using our prebuilt template continue with the article.

Features for Music App Builder


A simple enrollment and sign-in process are required, just as with any other app. Gmail and Facebook one-tap signup allows your users to signup or sign in using their Gmail accounts or social handles, allowing them to save time.

AutoPlay Screen

The first screen that customers encounter when they launch your app should allow them to play music. This ensures proper UI design and makes it easier for users to listen to music.

Features for Music App Builder

Quick Search

Music apps, created with the help of Shoutem, must have this feature. Allow your users to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.

Music Player

Imagining a music app without a music player is just not possible! Having an audio-only music player will allow your customers to listen to music while they are using their phones.

Social Sharing

It’s impossible to have a comprehensive app without social sharing. Your music app must provide a function that allows users to share their music with family, friends and others.


People’s musical preferences are so diverse that they can both spark and solidify friendships. Allow your listeners to curate their own collections of songs.

Using Apple Music, for example, you may make three different playlists: one for each artist, one for each album, and one for a custom one.

Play Offline

It’s not absolutely necessary, but here at Shoutem we believe that allowing your listeners to download and play their music offline could be a useful addition to your app.

In-App Purchase

Why not make some money while we are at it? This feature is a must-have if you want to charge a monthly fee for your services.

Music App Types That You Can Create With Shoutem App Builder

Music Sharing Apps

Apps like SoundCloud may be built with Shoutem, a music-sharing and distribution platform for the masses.

People may find and enjoy the widest variety of music on the planet thanks to these apps. Whether you’re a music fan, a musician, or a music creator, these services are for you.

Music App Types That You Can Create With Shoutem App Builder

Podcast & Music Applications

It’s possible to create your own podcast apps for iOS and Android, such as Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, or Apple Music and Spotify.

Using these apps, you may listen to your favorite podcasts and radio stations. This is for folks who enjoy listening, whether they’re on their way to work or at home.

Music Streaming Apps

That music streaming service like YouTube Music or Apple Music should be created, while there still is a market for them! Access to millions of songs and albums online is a great way to let your customers listen to their favorite music.

Apps like this allow for ad-free music streaming as well as background audio playback, playlists of music, and offline song downloading.

Portable Music Application

These apps allow you to take your media collection with you wherever you go. They make it possible for users to store their favorite tunes in the cloud and listen to them on any device, no matter where they are.

AudioBox and Groove Music are two of the most well-known and widely used mobile music players and with Shoutem you have a chance to create their new biggest competitor yet.

Radio Apps

Apps of this type can stream audio from the internet and have access to a variety of radio stations. When it comes to sifting through tens of thousands of internet radio stations, it’s an art form all on its own that here at Shoutem we completely mastered.

5 Easy Steps to Build a Successful Music App With Shoutem App Builder

With us, developing an app is a simple few-step procedure, according to our satisfied customers. We want to help you bring your concept to fruition.

To create a successful music app with us, follow the step guide listed below.

Select Similar Apps To Your Idea

The first step when creating your music app with Shoutem is to choose the most similar applications to your own. Is that app a radio app, podcast app or something third, is it most similar to Spotify, Apple Music, Apple Podcast or Shazam.

5 Easy Steps to Build a Successful Music App With Shoutem App Builder

Choose An Application Design

Creating your app design from scratch includes choosing a color scheme, app layout and similar design-based applications features.

There are a few simple steps when creating a design layout, there is choosing the font, the background color, text color, icons and picture options and similar elements. 

Select Build-In Features

After the design element is done with, we go on to the next step process, which is adding or removing any custom features from the auto-suggestions based on your app concept, then saving your changes.

Decide Your Deliverables

A second to last step when creating with Shoutem is identifying your platforms (iOS, Android, desktop, wearables, or web), design, working speed, and delivery dates and ensure they are all met.

Launch On App Store

The last thing that is left to do is to launch your music app. To ensure a smooth launch of your app, our customer product experts will be in contact with you.

Music App Maker FAQ

How do I make my own music app?

For those who are unfamiliar with coding, Shoutem’s no-code solutions make it simple to build a successful music app in a flash. Watch your new app go viral by simply following our pre-made instructions.

Can I make a music streaming app?

Not only can you create a music streaming app with Shoutem, but you also have the opportunity to compete with the industry’s biggest players, such as Spotify and Apple.

Simply follow our drag-and-drop feature until your app is finished and ready to launch.

How do I make an Mp3 app?

Shoutem’s no-code solutions make building a successful mp3 app a breeze for those who are unfamiliar with coding. Simply follow our pre-made guidelines and see your new mp3 app go viral.