How Can I Make Shoutem an Admin Through My Google Play Developer Account?

We take our customer’s personal account privacy very seriously and understand that some Google Play developer accounts are also tied to your Gmail account. For this reason, you should add Shoutem as Administrator in order to publish your apps.

Google Play has a feature in their console which allows you to add us as administrator and at the same time preventing us accessing any other part of your Google-based account.

Steps on how to add Shoutem as Administrator:

  1. Sign in to your Google Play developer account via this link
  2. On the left side menu, click on Settings
  3. Click on Users & permissions
  4. In the right corner, click on INVITE NEW USER button
  5. Popup will be opened where you add our email and define a role
    Role: Administratorshoutem admin
  6. Complete the process with Send invitation button

After we receive and accept your invitation, we can access your Developer Account and publish your apps while allowing you to retain your overall account privacy.