Is iOS Developer Account Required? What About Google Play Developer Account?

Yes. It is mandatory that you have your own iOS Developer organisation-based account In order to publish to the App Store. This account costs $99/year – you can sign up for it here: iOS Developer account

ios developer account

To invite us to your iOS developer account, follow the steps from our support article.
Why can’t I go with individual account?
There are a few reasons why we no longer operate with individual iOS developer accounts:
  • There are technical obstacles (such as the limitation to properly add moderatos to the individual account) that prevent a third-party developer company to properly manage an individual account.
  • There are legal limitations to the submission of an app that represents a legal entity under an individual account and most of the apps that are published with Shoutem are in one way or another represent legal entities
Yes. It is also mandatory to have your own Android developer account. This account costs $25 USD as a one-time fee. 
You can sign up for your account here: Google Play Developer account

google play developer account

After you add your Google Play Developer email and name, please follow the steps listed in the screenshot above or visit our support article for more detailed steps. This will add Shoutem as admin to your Google Play Developer account, making it possible for us to submit and administer your app in the Google Play store. 
If you have more questions, please Contact Us or visit our Support Center.
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