Interactive FAQ Extension

Engage with your users through the Frequently asked questions (FAQ) extension which can help you inform, educate and guide users through the main functionalities of your app, your business and brand, etc.

Chatbots are made to ease communication, and the best part is – you don’t have to be physically present on the other side. For that reason, by adding the Interactive FAQ extension, you can more effectively deliver information to your users.

Install and add the Interactive FAQ extension to your app

The Interactive FAQ extension is not pre-installed, so before you can add it as one of the screens of your app, you need to install it. To do so, go to Screens → click the + button → search for Interactive FAQ → click the Interactive FAQ box to install it. Once it is installed, the extension will get Installed label and you will be able to add it as a screen by clicking on it.

Add content

This feature has two section areas – SETTINGS and QUESTIONS.

SETTINGS section

In this section, you can insert a starting message which will be displayed as soon as the Interactive FAQ screen is opened. There are no character limits – your starting message can have emojis and text.


In this section, you can insert questions and answers, as well as create categories.

Each item consists of Answer, Question, and Button label. To add items to the Interactive FAQ screen, click ADD ITEM button.

Once you have added all the required information, click SAVE. Have in mind that you can have only 19 button labels in each category.

Here is the Interactive FAQ in action:

Can I import answers and questions to the Interactive FAQ extension?

Of course! To learn more about it, click here.

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