News Extension

Our News feature allows you to bring blog or article-based content into your app both manually, or, automatically through feeds”.
To add content, go to Screens > Content. Choose RSS News or manual News collection.


After choosing News manual collection, a new screen will appear. Add items to your News collection by clicking Create Items (right-hand side of the screen).

You will be redirected to our CMS, where you can add new items and arrange them into sections.


News includes the following fields:
  • Title the news title
  • Body the main text (this particular field supports HTML tags)
  • Author the author of your article
  • Image upload the photo manually or simply add the public URL
  • Article URL if this article already exists online, add the URL here. Users will be able to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

RSS feed
After you add the News RSS screen to your app, a new window will appear. Paste the RSS feed URL there and press Continue.


News from the feed is now visible in the app builder:


Choose your preferred layout from the Layout tab:


Once you’ve added your desired content and defined the layout, the preview and live app should look like this: