Video Call Feature

From now on your app users can chat with each other live via video call as we introduced Video call feature. Video call extension is made with the help of Agora SDK.

To implement this feature, you need to install Agora extension available in Extensions tab:

Video Call installation

After you have done this, you will need to add App ID in Agora settings:

agora Video Call

To obtain App ID you need to create Agora account first. They offer 10,000 minutes completely for free. In case you would exceed this amount, you will be charged $3.99/1,000 min (Video HD) or $14.99/1,000 min (Video HD+).

When you create account, you can generate App ID in Agora Console → Project Management → Create:

agora integration

Copy and paste this ID in Agora settings.

How to chat?

  • Login to app with your user. Go to the list of app members. Select user you want to video chat with and click on video chat icon below their name.
  • You have to login at least one time in order to be able to chat once the app is installed.
  • As app user you will join the call and should wait for other user to join video chat as well.

Video Call in app

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