Social Features Goodies

In this article, we will show what goodies our Social feature has, how to include them in your app and improve the experience for your app users.

The social feature has four possible screens you could add to your app. In the builder, on the “Screens” dashboard, when you click on the “+” icon to add a new screen, under “Users” section, you will see Social and Users, each contains two possible screens.

Adding the Social wall to your app

Social wall feature basically enables your app users to interact in the app on a Twitter-like wall. The users can post text statuses, attach images, and comment or like other user’s statuses. This feature is very useful in building up an online community.

Activating the wall and adding it to your app’s home screen is a rather straightforward process. Simply click on the Wall screen under Social.

Configuring the Social wall

To configure your wall go to Settings > Social. You will see options to change the max status length. The default is 140 characters. Also, here you can enable or disable photo attachments, comments and likes:


Using the Social wall in the app

In the app, social wall behaves similar to your typical social app.  By clicking the “New status button”, your users will see a text box where they can enter their status as well as upload an image by clicking on the camera button.

After the status is shared, it will appear on the social wall and other users can interact with it  – comment it or like it.

Deleting posts and comments from the Wall

Since you’re the owner of the Shoutem account, you have full rights to delete content from your Wall if you find it inappropriate.
To be able to do so, you need to log in the app with your Admin credentials using preview simulator in the builder or on your mobile device. Those credentials are the same ones you use for login to the Shoutem builder.

For the comment you want to delete, you need to tap and hold for few seconds until Delete option pops, and for the wall post, delete option is available in the top right corner via ellipsis icon. For more details, please see the video.

Members screen

Members are actually all your registered users in the app, so if you would like to have each app user visible among others, you should add this screen to your home screen. It will automatically list out profiles of your users with profile pictures, nicknames, bio, etc.

My profile screen

If you would like to have Members screen in the app, then we strongly suggest you add My profile screen as well.
Via this screen, your app users are available to add the following personal pieces of information which will become visible on the Members screen.

Logout screen

It has one simple function – logout app user from the app, and there are no additional settings you need to adjust.

If you would like to know more about how you can manage your registered app users, jump over to this support article.

For any questions, feel free to Contact our Support team!