Create Cannabis Shop & Delivery App

Whether you are a cannabis brand, or a dispensary, creating an cannabis app is a good way of creating additional promotional channel.

Apps can be made for medical, or recreational purposes, or both. Depends on your business needs.

Cannabis app builder - Create Cannabis Shop & Delivery App

Have your own Cannabis App for Android and iPhone (iOS)

Building marijuana mobile apps was never this easy!

Have your own Cannabis App for Android and iPhone (iOS)

40+ Features for Your Cannabis App

How can an app features help your business?

Cannabis app - push notifications

Push notifications

Push notifications are a great way to keep your clients informed on the latest products, and it’s a great engagement tool.

Also, presenting special or time-limited offers works pretty good as well. You can offer a discount and promo codes through push notifications, inform about future products or services, present current offers, or simply remind the customers that they should visit your dispensary again.

Have your own Cannabis App for Android and iPhone (iOS)

Cannabis Social Wall

Building a community is not an easy task, but with a social wall it gets a bit easier. Implementing this feature into an app allows your customers to create a database of user generated content.

Users can post images, like and comment on the other ones – it’s engaging and promoting at the same time.

Cannabis products

Cannabis Shop & Products

Either present your clothing brand or images of your weed products, having a full catalogue on the palm of a hand is a great way to increase your revenue.

In the Product feature section of the app maker you can set categories, and present Flowers, Medical marijuana concentrates and tinctures, CBD’s, Vaporisers, etc.

Shops and locations - weed map

Weed Map

Setting stores location map search is giving the app users the possibility to search for stores within the selected radius.

With that option, there is a map preview of a place where the shop is, implemented with brand colors and visuals.

Marijuana app features - social wall
  • User Engagement
    With cannabis apps, the user engagement will grow. Most users, especially the younger generation, prefer this type of communication with the brand.
  • Brand Loyalty Program
    Brand loyalty program is easily implemented in an app. You and your users will have all the information about various discounts, points collected and more in one place.
  • Customer Loyalty Program
    With every purchase, customers can earn some sort of points or future discounts. This will contribute to more purchases to earn more points or discounts.
Customer insights with analytics
  • Events
    Events are still a good opportunity to familiarize new customers with the brand. It makes customers feel appreciated and heard.
  • D2C (direct to consumer)
    This model is popular for a reason. Without the third party involvement both brands and the platform will create more revenue.
  • Customer support
    A great customer support might be the most important thing for the brand. Great customer support equals great customer experience, and thus, more revenue.
  • Customer insights with analytics
    By analyzing customer insights regularly you can see what campaigns and products were more successful and push that kind of content in the future.

What is Shoutem D2C Cannabis Solution?

Get an affordable cannabis mobile app within a week!
Cannabis app builder - Create Cannabis Shop & Delivery App
  • App Design
    With Shoutem PRO we will create an intuitive app layout and straightforward user experience based on your ideas and industry best practices.
  • Features and Screens
    Set up your app features and screens that are needed for your business to operate without any slowdowns.
  • Content Import
    Our app building team will ensure your content is optimized and ready for your app
  • App Publishing
    Shoutem takes care of the publishing process for your app with Google Play and the App Store
  • Continued Support
    Enjoy continued support once your app is live
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