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Convert and turn your Shopify shop and website into mobile app, and let your products reach thousands of people from their pocket.

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*Only live Shopify stores are able to convert into mobile apps

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Convert Shopify store into a mobile app – within hours

  • Uplift shopping experience
    Use our drag & drop dashboard to create an app
  • Marketing & sale channel
    Engage your users with unlimited push notifications
  • Analyze user behavior
    Be aware of your data to improve conversions

Send unlimited, cost-free push notifications

Stop cart abandonment with automated push notifications

Reach your audience instantly and exclusively on their home screens

Control your messages without relying on high-bid ads or algorithms

Drive instant traffic and revenue surges after deployment

Create user journeys, action-based messages

Brands experience a 25% increased conversion rate when compared to web browser

Why to Convert Shopify Store to Mobile App? Because the mobile-first approach is here to stay

Most of the traffic comes from mobile devices but doesn’t convert as mobile apps
  • of all traffic comes from mobile devices
    Make sure to give your clients an immersive experience
  • higher conversion rate when compared to mobile web
    All websites are responsive but are not adjusted for conversions
  • average return of investment
    Stay close to your clients by providing an app
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Convert complete Shopify store to a mobile app


Allow your customers easy ordering by providing a great user experience with shopping mobile app.


Once you set a discount on your Shopify store, mobile app will recognize it and automatically show discounted price.

Push notifications

Stay in touch with customers by reminding them about promo offers, discounts or shopping cart abandonment.

5 reasons why you should turn your Shopify into mobile app

91% of all traffic comes from mobile devices – but beside that
5 reasons you should turn your Shopify into mobile app
  • 1
    Manage your orders and products on the go
  • 2
    Keep track of your inventory more effective
  • 3
    Stay connected to your customers via direct communication
  • 4
    Keep an eye on user behaviour
  • 5
    Create a special loyalty program for app users

How to convert your Shopify store into a mobile app?

Turn your store in 4 easy steps! Engage the community with instant sales – from customers that want to hear from you
Set an app template

Choose how you want to name your mobile app, and set your branding colors

Select Shopify and other features

Pick your favorite features, and install Shopify

Copy Shopify Store URL and Storefront Access Token

Go to your Shopify store and copy/paste needed information

Publish your app

Hit the Publish button, and our Publishing team will set app stores for your

Have a team of Shopify development experts create your app

Shoutem PROApp development

Take a step forward for your business and book a call with our experts who will take you on adventure of app making process. With Shoutem PRO, you’ll get:

  • Market analysis and consulting
  • App design
  • Data-driven UX
  • App features
  • Shopify integration
  • App publishing

E-commerce stores like Shopify have been over some rapid changes in the last decade. Moreover, since the occurrence of the first smartphone users, the habits of customers have changed drastically. 

First, there was an automatic mobile version of the shop for a seamless customer experience. Now, the e-commerce mobile version is becoming nearly obsolete with the appearance of more practical app stores.

Don’t worry, if you still don’t have your own Shopify store app, it’s not too late. We have also covered marketing and strategies for Shopify mobile app.

Why Should You Turn Shopify Store Into App Using Shoutem

Easy To Build And Manage

Shoutem is a code-free mobile app builder. So you won’t need an expensive mobile app developer. With Shoutem, anyone can build and manage their own app.  

App Performance

Check out how your app is doing daily with our performance insight. It contains all the info you need to improve customer retention.  

Payment Gateways

Customers love to have a choice when purchasing. Therefore, offering multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Apple Pay, debit cards, and more is a must.

Reward Facility

Research on customer behavior has shown that they respond well to the rewards and discounts you can offer them through push notifications within the application.

Budget Analysis

Sales are the most important in e-commerce, so providing a budget analysis to the app administrator is our priority.  

Social Sharing

It’s much easier to share purchases, product reviews, and product recommendations with an app. Additionally, it helps to increase customer traffic. 

Interactive UI Designs

Modern and responsive designs are already available with pre-made templates and built-in features. Shopify mobile app design is very important when it comes to user experience and conversion rates.

Why Should You Turn Shopify Store Into App Using Shoutem App Builder

Features For Your Shopify Mobile Application

Manage Orders

One of the effective features we offer is managing orders with our interactive admin panel. When everything is in one place, it’s easy to get all your orders in line.

Contactless Technology

Paying has never been easier with the contactless technology feature. User has to enter the data to their preferred payment gateways just once.

Codeless Development

Shoutem doesn’t require any previous coding knowledge. Instead, it’s a code-free platform that allows you to build world-class mobile apps yourself.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have become a core feature for all Shopify store apps. They increase sales, recover lost casts and engage customers. 

Social Sharing

Social media features are a must in any app that sells products. App users love to share their shopping journey with their friends and easily enabling them that is a key to a delightful user experience.

Easy to Navigate

Shoutem is an intuitive, user-friendly platform that makes building an app easy and fun, even for complete beginners. 

FAQs Turn Shopify Store Into Mobile App

Can I turn my Shopify store into an app?

Yes, using Shoutem mobile app builder you can quickly turn your Shopify store into an app. Best of all, templates and features are already pre-made, and no coding is needed. 

Can I use Shopify on my phone?

Of course, you can enter it via your browser or download the app if the certain Shopify store has it. 

How Much Does Shopify Mobile App Builders Cost?

There are many factors to consider when discussing the cost of building a Shopify mobile app. In most cases, the more complete the app, more the price.

However, you can make any app on Shoutem for as low as $59/month if you’re only building for the Android platform, and $189/month for a professional, all included plans. 

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