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How To Launch Mobile App in 2022? Complete Guide & Strategies

Creating a mobile app using platforms like Shoutem is easy, but achieving its desired popularity within a certain period? Pretty rare. Among thousands of apps published yearly, only a lucky few reach any admirable app store ranking.

However, with effective app marketing strategies, nothing is impossible. Let’s take a look at how to create an app bound to succeed.

What is Mobile App Strategy?

A mobile app marketing strategy is a way to attract attention in a crowded market. All the good work the mobile app development company has achieved will be worthless without any marketing efforts.

To be more precise, it’s an industry that deals with everything that involves app users’ behavior. This includes defining a target user, communication, depth of user personas, user experience…

The main goal is to create engaged users who ultimately become loyal advocates for the app. Now, let’s look at how a dedicated marketing team can make a difference in setting an app for success.

Why Is Mobile App Launch Strategy Important & Their Benefits

Why Is Mobile App Launch Strategy Important & Their Benefits

With over four million apps, standing out in the common app stores has become nearly impossible. That’s precisely why you shouldn’t ignore a thorough mobile app launch strategy.

Moreover, we believe you should think the entire marketing strategy through before your app lands on the market. This has proven to help with mobile app developers’ efforts and success.

Just take a look at these five key benefits.

Benefits of Mobile App Launch Strategy

  1. Focuses on the target user
  2. Improves visibility in the market
  3. Creates a more active user
  4. Raising brand awareness
  5. Takes customer requests into consideration

10 Effective Startup App Marketing Strategies

There are a few factors to consider for an effective startup app marketing strategy. 

Get To Know Your Target Audience

Before starting the earlier development stage, you need to know for who you are creating the app. This will determine some of your app’s features, design, and other aspects.

Make sure you research demographics, spending habits, lifestyle, age, or anything else that can be useful.

Analyze Your Competitors

In this competitive market, know that your app idea most likely isn’t original. However, the execution can be. Research how your competitors developed their app, how did users respond, was their marketing strategy successful…

This way, you’ll learn about avoidable app marketing mistakes without testing them yourself.

Arrange Pre-Launch Marketing

Experts agree creating a marketing strategy before or during the development stage has proven to be more effective in reaching the target market. For example, making a tease video on social media can inspire huge interest even before the app hits the market.

Utilize App Store Optimization (ASO)

What’s the first thing users see when they surf the app store? Your store page. Utilize the principles of ASO to create an attractive store page. This means using the descriptive title, carefully selected keywords, app preview video, and detailed description.

Include Reviews

Having good app store reviews is more important than you think. Users often rely more on the opinion of other users than anything. Excellent reviews make your app seem more reliable and trustworthy. So make sure users leave you positive, as specific as possible reviews.

Allow Push Notifications

Having push notifications integrated will constantly remind the user of your app. Boost their engagement by occasionally sending personalized offers, sales, coupons, app updates, and more.

Enable Sharing The App

If it isn’t on social media, it didn’t happen. So your new app must be easy to share on WhatsApp, social media platforms, and more.

 This can be done by adding native elements that make the app shareable. 

Acquire Online Presence

Market your app’s features, beautiful design, and interactive interface using online marketing. This will create a more substantial reputation and brand awareness and attract more potential customers.

Take advantage of SEO

When you optimize your app well from the beginning, it’s more likely it will achieve better app store ratings. Researching the right keywords for your app description and title will benefit you in the long run.

Collaborate With Social Media Influencers

Just like they rely on the reviews of others, people are even more susceptible to the opinion of someone relatively famous, in this case, social media influences. Collaboration with authentic and hard-working social media influences can attract many potential customers.

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5 Examples of Mobile App Marketing

5 Examples of Successful Mobile App Launch

Not to stay all on theories, we bring you five examples of successful marketing strategies from real life.

Piece of the Pie Rewards – Domino’s

Domino’s developed its Piece of the Pie Rewards program to remain relevant during the period in which Pizza Hut was the official sponsor of the Super Bowl.

The program worked so that users collected points for each pizza with the help of a simple AI-driven pizza scanning mobile app. After a certain number of points, they would get free pizza. This significantly improved brand awareness and helped with user retention.

Burn That Ad – Burger King

Burger King’s controversial Burn That Ad campaign drove their customer loyalty rates through the roof. What was it about? They’ve created an augmented reality app in which you would earn points for every competitor’s ad you would “burn”.

This would win you a free Whopper! The campaign was interesting and provocative enough to inspire excitement even among customers who usually aren’t engaged.


Ikea also toyed with augmented reality when it created an app that allowed users to browse through their catalog and place a piece of furniture in their current environment.

This campaign has brought them 370,000+ monthly active users globally. Additionally, it increased the time an average customer spends on the app from 3 to 8 minutes.

The Lenz: Gorillaz

Gorillaz knows how to make a comeback. In honor of their new album, they publish an app called Lenz. With this app, users could participate in their virtual concerts using VR, AR, and geo-tagging.

Fans could enter one of the 500 Gorilazz House and listen to their music. This brilliantly promoted their album Humanz.

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Mobile App Launch Strategy FAQ

How do you launch a successful mobile app?

You can’t launch a successful mobile app without a proper marketing strategy. Likewise, a good strategy determines the future of the app. 

How do you promote an app launch?

An app launch can be promoted with good rates and reviews, sharing on social media, collaborating with influences, and more. 

How do I soft launch my mobile App?

You can soft launch your app by releasing it on relevant social media platforms like Reddit or Facebook.