How to Make an iPhone App: Planning to Publishing in 6 Steps

The iPhone mobile app development market is stronger than ever — and it’s the perfect opportunity for YOU to bring in some revenue. Whether you’re considering building apps for others as a service, or building your own iPhone app for your business, it’ll only work in your benefit to learn how to create and publish


The 14 Best App Builders: Features, Pricing, and Descriptions

Business owners are continually looking for the “next big thing” — and while new products and innovative services are always in vogue, your next big thing may actually be more of a digital effort. We, all of us, are accustomed to handling just about everything from our iPhones and Android devices, and mobile apps are

Best App Builders

How to Create an App Without Coding Experience

Looking back just a few years ago, developing and publishing a custom app was an expensive, time-consuming team effort, requiring user interface designers, workflow planners, and skilled programmers with expert-level experience in related programming languages like Java, Swift, Python, and HTML/CSS. Once a web app or mobile app was ready for publishing, you needed to

Native and Hybrid mobile app development

10 Metrics to Measure Customer Loyalty in 2023

We all feel a certain way about some brands and products. As the market became too saturated, the urge to classify and quantify those feelings emerged, as everybody wanted to excel in their respective business. It is hard to determine and measure customer loyalty, as everybody has different reasons and feelings behind being loyal to

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