Customer Loyalty: What is & How to Build + Tips & Examples

Customer loyalty is a term often used when talking about brands. Why is it that a lot of them struggle to maintain a loyal customer base while others enjoy customer lifetime support?
In this article, you’ll learn all about customer loyalty, what are the best strategies for it and why is it important for a brand. 


Complete Mobile App Marketing Guide | 2021

App development and app design are complicated processes. However, launching your app doesn’t mean you are finished with hard work. You can dream of it becoming big overnight because millions of users can download it from the app store. The reality is that the market is so competitive, that your app might be forgotten and


Top 10 Brand Loyalty Benefits for Your Business

What’s the first association to a word brand? For most people, it would be the logo, but branding a business encompasses much more than that. Where is the company’s mission, marketing materials, brand voice, packaging, website? Simply put, your brand is the reflection of your total business. Brand loyalty benefits for your business can make


The Best Ways to Improve Sales Through Mobile Apps

In just a few short years, smartphones have become a perfectly common item, and so have mobile apps that enable users to acquire information simply and quickly. The app marketplace has become enormous, and yet you’re still wondering whether to invest in mobile apps? You’re still not sure what you’d have to gain?

The Psychological Effects of Brand Personality on Customers

Do you feel some affection and attraction to specific brands? If you do, don’t worry, that is perfectly normal. Even though it may seem as weird, psychology has an answer to why we feel that way. In a Strategy Study by Accenture, they found that as much as 83% of customers demand more human interaction.

brand personality

10 Metrics to Measure Customer Loyalty in 2021

We all feel a certain way about some brands and products. As the market became too saturated, the urge to classify and quantify those feelings emerged, as everybody wanted to excel in their respective business. It is hard to determine and measure customer loyalty, as everybody has different reasons and feelings behind being loyal to