Top 10 Strategies to Build Brand Customer Loyalty

Building bridges between brands and customers are often set aside in favor of leveraging the results of sales and making money. The catch here is that you cannot make a profit without a healthy and stable relationship with your customers. Why is this so important? The findings of one research study state that 36.5% of

Details to Consider When Creating a Blog App

We bet you know that about 55 percent of global web traffic comes from mobiles today. Users spend 70 percent of the total digital media time on smartphones, and it’s not only for online shopping and social media: People read news, watch educational and video content, and follow their favorite blogs on mobiles. What does


What is Brand Loyalty? Definition and Brand Examples

There is a high chance you have some products or services that you favor over the others. Would you be surprised if we tell you that 36,5% of shoppers said they will spend more on products if they are loyal to a brand even if the cheaper options are easily available? The extensive research on


Cannabis Marketing Strategy for your Business

The cannabis industry has seen a massive exponential rise over the past few years. There is no indication of how the market will continue to grow but many predict that by 2027 the overall sales will reach $47 billion. It sounds like easy money, but the reality is totally different. The industry is a gold

Cannabis Loyalty Program: How to Reward your Customers

Shopping is the activity many enjoy and for some, it is their favorite leisure activity. According to the research, about 76% of British people will choose shopping over other activities during their free time. We’re sure many of them are members of some sort of a loyalty program, either of a brand or a store.


How to Start Your Marijuana Business in 2021

Pots are a hot topic even for those who don’t smoke. In recent years, the legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana in certain states opened up a new market for adventurous entrepreneurs. As the industry is still in its inflationary phase, its future is uncertain. Nevertheless, forward-thinking and innovative individuals will set themselves apart


10 Essential Features of a Successful Educational App

Gone are the days when education was carried out in classrooms only. The school desks have been partly replaced by smartphones as more and more students switch to the on-demand education apps that technology offers. With a free schedule, the ability to plan education around the personal schedule, and the ability to repeat a lesson


Everything You Need To Know About Push Notifications in 2021

Surely numerous app notifications come to your phone throughout the day. Of course, not all of them are direct messages from your friends. Apps like to communicate with their users by sending them so-called push notifications. The newer marketing strategy includes them based on the principle of permission. Users can turn them off, but before

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