I Clicked on the Publish Button, what’s next?

In case you missed a note in builder after clicking on the Publish button, here’s a reminder

publish an app

Your app will not be automatically published in the Apple App and the Google Play Store which is also visible on the builder’s note.

In short, here’s how the publishing process works

  • When you click on the Publish button, our publishing team receives your publishing request automatically via email
  • The publishing team have a Queue list of submissions and resubmissions requests, the system is sorting them so older requests are on the top of the Queue
  • Each app is being manually prepared for publishing (i.e. Push notifications integration, Analytics integration, screenshots for Apple App Store)
  • If all pieces of information are populated in the Store metadata tab, the app is published (manually as well), if something is missing, you will be notified

Note – Your app’s iOS version will not be submitted until you add our number as trusted on your iOS developer account. But don’t worry, when your app comes on order, someone from the team will contact you to complete those steps.

Depending on the number of apps before your app, publishing time could take 2-7 weekdays, but our team is doing their best to submit apps in short notice so we do it sooner in most cases.

Publishing team is not working during weekends, so if you have an important event, make sure you click on the Publish button on time, and of course, make sure Store Metadata is populated so we don’t have bumps on the road – it’s time-consuming.

How long it takes for the app to become visible in the Stores?

Apple review team could take up to 3 days for a review. Once they finish, they will notify you about the app’s status directly via email tied to your iOS developer account.

Google Play Store will process your app as soon as possible. They will not notify you once the app is released, but you can always check the status in the Google Play Console.