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Over 10,000 amazing looking apps were designed, built and published with Shoutem’s app builder without a single line of code. Create high-end mobile apps that are compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

Best Online App Builder for Android & iOS

Use App Maker to Build Mobile Apps for Android and iOS Without a Single Line of Code

How to use app builder? Follow these steps to make mobile apps without coding.
Best mobile app builder - building interface
Pick a free template for your mobile app

You can begin designing your mobile app by choosing a template from our massive library. Our customizable templates come with various features and navigations for you to choose from without you having to write a single line of code.

Brand your app

Shoutem gives you complete control over the design of your app. You can personalize the app by deciding your own navigation pathways, icons and complete layout. Add your brand logo, custom color schemes, menu styles, and fonts to increase your brand recognition.

Import content to your app

Take advantage of Shoutem’s intuitive app builder to import content straight into your app. You can add, modify and customize the features and content within the app without writing a single line of code.

Publish your app to app stores

Shoutem’s sophisticated and easy-to-use mobile app builder allows you to create and publish your app on Google Play and Apple Store. Once done, wait for the software to do its job, and you can publish it by clicking on the ‘publish’ button.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our App Builder

Our platform helps millions of customers of all sizes across multiple industries

Offline mode (navigation maps work without internet connection) was the most useful app feature that we needed, and Shoutem had it.

– Ricardo Čerljenko, Zadar Magic Bike

Great experience, customer service is always responsive and polite. Very knowledgeable staff help us get started and ongoing development support has been great.

– Geroge Silberberg, MyServices

my services app
We are so thrilled to finally be able to create an app to run all activities for our school and communicate with students and their parents in one place.

– Joel Adelsköld, Principal at JENNY Skol

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Why Build Mobile App for Your Business?

  • Monetize your mobile apps, grow your engagement rate, and more!
  • Use push notifications to interact with clients
  • Monetize your app with ads
  • Create deals to engage users
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Mobile App Builder Integrations

Professional Features Inside Android and iOS App Builder

Drag and Drop App Builder

The Shoutem app builder platform is straightforward to use. Anyone without a coding background can use it to create an app from nothing. Shoutem’s drag and drop interface makes it simple for anyone to develop, customize and maintain your app.

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App Analytics

App analytics provide extensive, comprehensive statistics that can help to boost user engagement and convert casual users into paying users. Combining app analytics with push notifications allows you to deliver the right message at the right moment.

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Live Preview and Test Your App

Our app builder offers you various app templates that can be customized and built to your liking. After designing it, you can do a live preview and test your app.

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Loyalty Programs

With the Shoutem loyalty app, you can engage your users while increasing your profits. You can create a single or multi-location loyalty program to encourage your users to spend more.

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Full Branding Availability

It is critical that you use an app builder that allows you to customize your app. With the Shoutem app builder, you have the flexibility to configure your app features to showcase your unique brand identity.

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Push Notifications

Push notification is an effective communication channel to engage with your users. Promote special deals and promotions, events, updates, or news by sending notifications to your users’ phone screens.

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Social Media Integrations

Shoutem’s most vital selling point is its social media integration feature. You can integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and more to increase user engagement with your brand.

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In-app Payments and Ads

Shoutem lets you quickly and easily create your mobile app and generate revenue simultaneously. There are many modules and features in the app builder that you can choose from to earn money from your app.

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Numerous App Integrations

A robust app builder will offer a mobile app integration feature that integrates your apps with any back-end system or third-party software.

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Import and Export Your Content

Shoutem provides you with a feature to import or export your content without much hassle.

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Benefits of Using Shoutem’s Online App Builder

Offline Capabilities

Shoutem offers you the ability to create apps for offline mode. Users can use mobile apps in offline mode without connecting to the Internet. Some offline features that can help your app differentiate from the rest are maps, downloadable content, etc.

Safe and Secure

Leading app builders provide security features that are embedded into their software. You will feel safe knowing that the platform’s security architecture will keep your app safe. The app you built on these platforms is secure on the backend and has functionalities to strengthen user security.

Shoutem values security and recognizes the necessity of safeguarding user information. It has everything you need to build a safe and secure mobile app.

Building apps on Shoutem give you access to features such as user authentication, automatic updates, and more. Shoutem-powered apps help keep your smartphone working smoothly while safeguarding your personal information. The app security feature covers whether you are building an e-commerce app, fitness app, community app, etc.

Real-time Updates

Another benefit of using the Shoutem app builder is incorporating real-time features into your app. Users are more likely to engage with apps that provide real-time capabilities.

These features allow the app to simulate real-life behavior. Having real-time update allow users to access and share information in real-time. Some real-time features that Shoutem offers are push notifications, a real-time feed, live streaming and more.

Easy To Use

With the latest update, the Shoutem platform has been completely revamped. It can be considered one of the best user-friendly DIY no-code app development platforms.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have dabbled with app builders before, give Shoutem a try. Its intuitive user interface lets you figure out where everything is in seconds. Shoutem’s drag-and-drop functionality will enable you to develop any type of app with no coding knowledge. Simply the best DIY app builder.

Native App Builder

Shoutem is a comprehensive app building platform for almost any form of app you want to create, thanks to the various features and modules Shoutem offers.

The app builder’s fifth version, based on React Native, allows users to develop genuinely native and cross-platform mobile apps. You can quickly build native iOS, Android, and HTML5 apps without coding knowledge.


Shoutem’s app editor is fantastic, and it’s a pleasure to use. The platform provides various customization features, allowing you to give the app you create its unique look and feel.

You can customize the themes, layouts, colors, and typography to your hearts’ content with the app builder. As a result, your app will be more visually appealing and full of great functionalities.

Templates for Your App

No one knows exactly what features and content their app requires. Predefined templates are fantastic, but they should come with an option to build them from scratch. Shoutem’s design layouts and features are up-to-date with the latest design trends.

The templates are modern, trendy, and dynamic and come with extensive customization features. These templates will make your app look great and professional. So, if you value visually beautiful apps with various features, then ShoutEm should be your go-to app builder platform.

Use app builder for business uses and become a top mobile app reseller

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Get premium email support 24/7 with the option to upgrade further.

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App Builder FAQ

Can I build an app for free?

There are numerous free app builders on the market nowadays. However, Shoutem is different. Building apps on iOS and Android operation systems requires a comprehensive and reliable app development platform. Shoutem offers a 14-day free trial during which you can develop your app without submitting your credit card details. With Shoutem as your app builder, we will handle your app publishing process for Google Play and Apple App Store.

What do app builders do?

The main benefit of utilizing an app builder platform is that you get to create your app regardless of your coding skills. An excellent app building platform streamlines the app development process and has a drag-and-drop functionality.

How long does it take to build an app?

This, too, is dependent on the complexity of your app. Your app will cost less to develop if it’s not complex and you’re not in a rush. But, if you are in a hurry to develop a mobile app and make it available to the market, we can help you.

Can anyone build an app?

Professional app developers are no more the only ones who can create apps. With a free version DIY no-code app development platform, anyone can create a mobile app without programming skills. The Shoutem app building platform has various features and customization tools that allow users with no technical skills to build Android and iOS mobile apps in minutes. Several advantages of using Shoutem include fast and native apps, offline capabilities, real-time updates, app security, and more.

What is an app builder?

A mobile app builder is an online tool that lets users create mobile apps within a short period of time. Mobile app development is done through a drag and drop interface, reducing time and expense. We have created a complete building guide If you would like to know how to create an app for Android & iPhone.

How much does it cost to make an app?

While it would be great if there were a definitive number for the cost, the truth is the cost usually depends on various factors. When calculating the cost of building an app, some factors include the type of operating platform (iOS or Android), mobile app development technologies, or mobile app features. The more complex your app, the higher the cost.

Cost for publishing your app:

  • Android Only – costs $59/month with a yearly plan, and $79/month if you go month-to-month,
  • Android & iOS – Standard Plan – costs $99/month with a yearly plan, and $129/month if you decide to pay each month separately,
  • Professional Plan – costs $189/month with a yearly plan, and $229/month if you decide to pay each month separately.

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