Android Wearable App Builder

The wearable application creates new job opportunities for developers.

If you want your piece of this cake, but don’t know anything about wearable device app development, there’s an easier way, Shoutem Android wearable app builder.

Android Wearable App Builder

Create a Wearable Android App With App Maker in 4 Easy Steps Without Coding

Creating a wearable Android app is easy with Shoutem app builder. Follow these four easy steps.
1. Pick a free template for your mobile app

Begin making your app by choosing among our multiple templates, dragging the desired features and content, all coding-free. 

2. Brand your app

Insert your logo, apply brand colors and vision into your dream app. 

3. Import content to your app

Import all content with our easy intuitive platform and adapt the content to the design and features. 

4. Publish your app to Google Play

Just click finish and the app software and our dedicated support team will make sure your app goes live.

Features of Wearable Andriod App Builder

There are some great advantages to the features Shoutem’s app builder provides as opposed to the classical wearable application development.
  • Start Streaming

    Get your app ready within days. Upload the content, choose the template and features on the Shoutem platform and you’re good to go. 

  • Fully Managed

    There’s no need for previous IT knowledge or coding. Everything is fully managed with Shoutem’s intuitive software.

  • Custom Build

     It’s important for the app to align with your brand’s mission. Customize the app with familiar brand colors, layout and more.

  • Supports Multiple Monetization Models

    Shoutem supports and encourages combining multiple monetization models to earn you more revenue. 

  • Push Notification

    Shoutem app builder enables push notifications through your wearable android app to keep users engaged and informed.

  • Voice Commands

    Shoutem app builder offers integration of voice commands. They are very important when it comes to wearable devices.

Benefits Of Creating Wearable Android App

Benefits Of Creating Wearable Android App

No Setup Required

Since the Shoutem app builder fully manages everything, there’s no setup required.  

Real-time tracking of health

With features like activity trackers and general monitoring of human body functions, users can track their health daily.

Increase productivity

When tracking brain activity the user can determine when is the optimal time for work and rest. 

Better customer experience

A great design and good functioning of the app will greatly contribute to a better user experience.  

Enhance efficiency at work

Tracking productive work time can improve the user’s workflow and efficiency. 

Improved Customer Service

Great customer service keep the current users happy and attracts future ones. 

Why Choose Shoutem App Builder To Build Android Wearable Apps?

Amazing Features – Shoutem provides common features you need in a classical wearable android app. Apply features like muscle activities that popular fitness applications have or heart activity features for everyday activities. 

Easy customization – Customize your app with Shoutem’s themes, color palette, customized notifications according to your business model canvas.

Multi-language options – If you want to offer your users more options, Shoutem has an option you can include so users set their language preferences. 

Multiple payment methods – Shoutem offers to implement multiple payment methods like credit or debit cards, digital money and more. 

Who Can Use Wearable App Builder?

Shoutem’s wearable app builder is an intuitive, code-free platform that can be used by complete beginners or professional wearable app development companies.

It offers various features, customization and multiple other benefits for just a fraction of the price of the usual wearable application development.

Frequently Asked Questions About Android Wearable App Builder

What is wearable technology?

Wearable technology is gadgets like smartwatches, smart rings, smart glasses…

Do you provide maintenance and support after developing a wearable app?

Of course, with Shoutem you’ll have the support of our team during and after the wearable app development. 

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mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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