Plumber App Builder: Create On-Demand Plumber App In a Few Steps

Today, the app is the preferred way to look for on-demand plumbing services. Demand plumber service apps have been shown to benefit and appeal to both users and plumbers.

But, aren’t the demand plumber app developers expensive? Not with Shoutem.

Shoutem is a code-free app-making platform that enables you to create your own app.

Keep reading to learn more about building your own demand plumber app solution.

Create On-Demand Plumber App

How To Create a Plumber App for Android & iOS in 4 steps With Shoutem’s App Maker?

Creating a mobile app for plumbers is as easy as checking these steps. Follow them to succeed! 
Plumber App Builder - Create On-Demand Plumber App In a Few Steps
1. Pick a Name and Template For Plumber Application

We offer multiple templates, so you’ll have a lot of choices.  

2. Build-In App Layout

Set your logo, brand colors, and align your content for plumber application

3. Add Features to Your Plumber App

All of our features are already pre-made, just select them and drag them. 

4. Upload It To The Online Apps Store

Once you’ve finished making an app, click on the Publish button to get your app on the market. 

Good Features For Plumber App Builder

Some advanced features that you add can make your app more interesting compared to the competition. 
  • Login and Registration

    Easy login and registration are a must. Users should be able to login using their e-mail or social media accounts.  

  • Advanced Search

    In this type of app, an essential feature is the filter option. Since many services are offered, filter enables users to find what they’re looking for quickly. 

  • Schedule of Orders

    Users should be able to schedule the time of the chosen service. They should also be able to cancel or reschedule the appointment. 

  • Service Tracking

    One of the extra features you can implement is service tracking. Once the plumber is on its way, the user can track his live position with the help of GPS tracking software.

  • Accept & Reject Requests

    Once the independent plumber gets the requests on the app, they can accept or deny the request once reviewed. 

  • Chat With Customers

    Like any demand apps, the plumbing app requires frequent communication with customers. Thus, a chat feature must be integrated to connect plumbers with the customers. 

Why Should You Create Plumber App Using Shoutem App Builder

Why Should You Create Plumber App Using Shoutem App Builder

Easy To Build And Manage

Shoutem app maker is simple and intuitive enough to be used by beginners themselves. 

Payment Gateways

Easily set up the payment gateways. Make sure to add more than one payment option and ensure secure and fast transactions between the plumber and the user. 

Interactive Dashboard

An interactive dashboard is a part of the admin panel. It’s basically a control center of the app. There should always be easy access to the interactive dashboard for the best results. 

Service Provider Management & Verification

This feature enables the management of all plumbers on the app. Of course, all handy plumbers must go through profile approval, so there aren’t any frauds.

Promotion Management & Push Notification

To make your app popular, you can try a variety of promotions and discounts in the beginning. Push notifications are a great way to notify users about these promotions.  

Social Sharing

Integrating a social sharing feature in your app can also help you promote the app. Also, when users share your app and plumbers on social media, it acts as a positive review.

mobile app builder Shoutem PRO app development
mobile app builder Shoutem PRO mobile app development
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Plumber App Builder F.A.Q

How do I get a plumber app?

You can make your own plumber app using Shoutem. Shoutem is a code-free, intuitive app-making platform that helps you make an app even if you’re a complete beginner. In addition, it offers three subscription models, so you don’t have to pay expensive development costs.  

How do I organize my plumbing business?

Try making a feature-rich plumbing application to modernize and promote your plumbing business. This will enable your customers to find you and search for your service more efficiently. It will also save you a lot of unnecessary calls and a notebook full of unorganized notes.  

What is a plumber app?

A plumber app is an app that connects handy plumbers and customers. It contains all the plumber services, has chat and payment options integrated, and enables plumbers to be organized in a modern and easy way.