Multiple application icons

With a few million active mobile apps in the app stores, it can be hard for your app to stand out and be discovered. App icon can be a key to getting users to download and try your app, and with that in mind, we’re introducing small, but a valuable improvement.

Once you login into Shoutem app builder, under Design → Graphics section, you were able to upload application icon that was used for both Android and iPhone app. While using one app icon design file for both platforms was acceptable in most cases, some users experienced problems while uploading a transparent icon.

There’s a significant difference between Google Play and App store regarding app icon rules. Transparent icons are supported on Android devices, but for iOS devices, app icon images can’t contain alpha channels or transparencies. If the transparent icon was uploaded for an app icon, the transparent area would automatically be filled with black background, causing drastic design changes.

But, the time has come to archive this problem once and for all and stop forcing users to choose which app version will have a better-looking icon. Now, once you open Graphics section under Design tab, you will be able to upload two different icons, each dedicated to a specific platform, and have a high-quality app icon for both iPhone and Android app.

multiple icons shoutem3

Start experimenting with your app icon today and once you’re ready, notify our support team to resubmit your app on stores to apply app icon changes.