Build location based app in five minutes – without coding

This is something like #throwbackmonday – three years ago, we made an article How to build location based app in five minutes, with no coding, and you people just loved it.

Of course, in three years we made a lots of changes, so we’re going to do a little remake of the old article regarding those new things.

Using the Shoutem app builder you can have all kinds of places available for your users to browse, check-in, comment, and share: restaurants, bus stations, hotels, etc. But, what if you want to build an app for, say, tea lovers, and you want to present them only with tea places? You can do that with Shoutem in about five minutes.

We already know how to add graphics to your app so, in about a 30 seconds you can have something like this to start with:

build location based app

What’s next? Go to Content tab, click +Add content and select Places feature.

You want to put the shortcut to your tea places on the home screen so everybody can see it right away, so let’s create a “Tea Places” category. Inside of the Places module, click Categories and then Add new category. Enter your name for the category – “Tea Places” and save.

build location based app

Next step is to add some actual places to your category. Click on Places tab again – here you’ll see a list of Foursquare places. You can use search to find the place you want to put in your category – simply edit it to set “Tea Places” as category – or, if you can’t find it, click Add New Place and fill in the fields.

build location based app

When you’re done with adding places to your category, go to the Design tab. Click on +Add content and simply drag items to home page. That way you can add any other content you added in the Content tab.

build location based app

When you are done, click Preview on device button:

build location based app

Download the Mobilizer app from the provided link, log in to Mobilizer app with your Shoutem credentials, and instantly preview your work:

build location based app

See how easy that was? All of the users of your app will have the joy of finding nice tea places using your app, check into those places and shout about it.

Later you can spice up your app with more features like: deals for places, your tea blog, photo and video galleries… Now, start building your location based apps today with the fastest app builder out there – Shoutem!

Contact us if you need some help. Someone is always around to help out.