Take your UX testing to the hallways

One of the first steps you can take in UX testing is – into the hallway! Hallway testing is a quick way to gather general feedback about your app’s UX from random passersby in the hallway and identify any potential major issues your UX is facing, but you may not be aware of when creating

Think Vertical When Creating a Mobile Business Strategy

  Each new year offers new ways to latch onto emerging trends and start a business anew, or revamp your existing strategy.  For upstart app creators looking to take advantage of opportunities afforded by more devices in hands than ever, the issue many face is a vision that encompasses every opportunity possible. Vertical markets, oft-shortened

Why App Download Numbers Don’t Matter

It’s easy to view apps as a simple commodity in which one app download equals one unit of success. Most app creators approach the process with stars in their eyes, that their app will be the next million download hit. Sorry to say, but there’s a 99% chance that’s not going to happen. It’s important to let

Acing the App Store Approval, Part 1: Understanding the Nitty Gritty

Since the birth of the App Store four years ago, Apple’s App Review process has never stopped stirring discussions in developer forums. There are multiple reasons for that: a certain mystery around the approval policies, ambiguity and frequent changes, impact of the reviewer’s subjective opinion on the outcome of the approval, and Apple’s biased rejection

Builder Update: New Layout and Design View

Our new Design Phone tab makes it easier to visualize your home-screen layouts and places your smartphone app’s design elements conveniently in one area. We’ve also added a few new options thanks to your continued feedback. Here are a few support resources which explain some of these processes: Add and place content on your homescreen Add your own

Creating A Push Notification Strategy

With an estimated 1.2 billion new smart devices expected in hands in 2013, push notifications can no longer be ignored. There is currently no better way to reach a target audience with the exact message and direction you’d like to take them, which is why push has become the next frontier of marketing. Let’s take

Top 4 Mobile App Development Nightmares

Nightmare No 1. – Cost and Time to Market Oh boy, developing this mobile app made us go broke. This is definitely the biggest. Get ready to pay a lot of money! I would say anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000 if you are serious about it. Good developers are hard (read: impossible) to find: Mobile apps are

Show Your App’s True Colors

Whether your brand follows a certain color scheme, or you”d just like to spice up your app”s look, we”ve added the ability for app creators to modify their app”s design even further with our recently released Colors feature. This feature allows you to customize which colors are tied to individual app elements, online casino canada

Get to Know Our Features: Custom Content

One of our most important feature releases to date is also among the most versatile, creating an endless amount of content opportunities. We’re proud to introduce our new Custom Content! This new feature turns the ShoutEm platform into a CMS in which you can add blog posts, song lists, or anything else you can think of.