Update your app before it’s too late!

This Holiday Season started with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and as we’re diving deeper into December, it’s time to take final actions to make sure your app will shine in the peak of the Holiday Season. Regardless of your favorite December holiday, whether is it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus, you will not be

The Good and the Bad in Apple’s new programming language Swift

Apple recently announced many changes and updates for the upcoming period. Most of these announcements are in domains of design and leisure and, as such, are targeting end users. However, the announcement of Swift, Apple’s new programming language, has made a splash among developers as well.

With iOS8 your local app is about to get much more downloads

Last week at WWDC Apple announced, among other things, one new feature that might be a huge benefit for SMB and local apps. Quick Access to apps based on location will suggest apps to iPhone users based on their location. Below is an example of AppleStore and Starbucks apps that are appearing on the lock