How To Make an App? Create an App in 2021 – Complete Guide

Well-designed apps with intuitive user experiences outperform traditional websites because of their portability and speed. There is no person that without a smartphone in his pocket, right? The mobile app market is huge, the app building process is not that harsh and competition to create the best mobile app for a business is on. Let’s

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How to create an Android mobile app without coding

Making an Android mobile app from scratch isn’t easy, especially if you don’t use a mobile app builder. There are lots to do. First, you need to prepare all your ideas for your mobile app: its name, visual feel, content, and any other details you may need. Then, after lots of revisions and iterations, after

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How to Create an iOS App Without Coding: Step by Step

Building an iOS mobile app from scratch isn’t easy, especially if you don’t know how to code and still don’t know about mobile app builders. Either way, there’s lots to do.  Apps name, visual feel, textual content, and many other details are only some of the ideas you need to prepare. After lots of attempts and

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Mobile App Development Process Explained

Mobile App Development Statista Research Department just published worldwide mobile app revenues from 2014 to 2023. In 2018, app revenue was over $365 billion (USD) — by 2023, those numbers are expected to top $935 billion. Just look! Meanwhile, with these statistics in mind, countless mobile apps are released daily on both Google Play and

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